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Over the seas to Skye ...

Early, and I mean early for me - 6.30am - I was awoken by a fidgety Miss Moss.
She was on holiday and wanted to get out and play!
Stumbling out of our 'van, it seemed that everyone else at our first stop in Perth, Scotland,
was still fast asleep.
 However, MM and I were out, me with my camera and
mug of steaming hot tea, 
MM exploring and taking in the cool early morning air. 
Later on, moving further north, away away.

We were our way to Skye.

  At lunch time, we stopped to eat and let Moss stretch her legs.
We stepped out of the car and into the view - the mountains were growing bigger,
were coming closer.
We were getting more excited.

The road verges seemed drenched with flowers and attractive grass heads.

this loomed into our view!

There is so so much more, but work at the moment seems to be taking up all my energy and by the time I am able to sit down and blog .... my stories just dry up and my blogging mojo fades.

But there is much much more to follow :) I promise x


  1. I don't think your blog mojo has dried up too much from the above post. I so love Skye and remember it well from when we visited in 2011. We stayed in a B&B where we had a wonderful view of the Cuillins. (is that spelt right?) I'll await the next batch of pics and drool some more. Hope you all had a great time including Miss Moss. Take care.

  2. such beautiful moments captured here... xxx

  3. Love the simplicity of the bridge; like Susan I can't wait for the next post (no pressure then!!).

  4. I understand too tired to blog only too well, catch up when you can and that way you will continue to enjoy the procdess. You know we'll always enjoy what you post :-)

  5. I have been to Scotland so many times but never to Skye, it looks beautiful. Definitely one for my list I think. It really is hard to get back into gear when you get back from a holiday, I'm sure your blogging mojo will spring back to life very soon.

  6. As an Outlander fan I can't stop singing the title of this blog post!! Skye looks beautiful....really want to go there soon xx

  7. Lovely photos. I'm looking forward to reading about the rest of your holiday .... but no pressure intended!

  8. That bridge is beautiful as are all the photographs. I too have that tune in my head now! xx

  9. The luxury of a few 'spare' hours due to a random working pattern today! Thoroughly enjoying 'pottering' and catching up with a few 'jobs':) Like the others, love your whole post, but particularly LOVE the fourth photo down - the blues and silhouettes of the mountains in the distance and the yellows and purples of the flowers all combine in a stunning piece of art! Perhaps you should produce prints/canvases..?? x

  10. Last time I went 'over the sea to Skye' the bridge didn't exist - it's been a long time! Lovely photos.
    Cathy x

  11. I want to gooooo .................


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