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End of season

I am sweating here.
I am under extreme pressure.

Coz I have accepted a challenge that I just might not be able to complete.

At work it is the end of lambing season 'cake-off'.....no I'd not heard of this before either.... until a couple of days ago but let me explain.

Three staff members are chosen or 'volunteered' to make a cake each to celebrate the end of the extremely stressful and very busy lambing season. Easy I thought, I'll do that, until it was explained to me that the cake is not just to signalise said end of lambing but the theme IS lambing....and the cake not only symbolise lambing but embraces all things lambing.....I mean - sheep shaped or sheep inspired cakes, Oh.

Any hoo - my fellow challengees are a farm vet and a small animal receptionist and they are taking it seriously......wish me luck!

Photos to follow x


  1. Worry not! I have every faith in you. Just make a sponge cake and cover it in whipped cream, pulled into peaks to look like fleece!

    I am sampled your cakes and they are always scumptious.

  2. A sheep - no problem - you have tackled far more difficult ones for wee boys' birthday parties!! I know you can do it!! x


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