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Sunshine - you are my sunshine!

Oh gloriously hot stuff, you warmed my back and made me squint.
You briefly gave me a sweaty brow.
Oh delicious warm thing high in the sky
you sun kissed my nose and gave me freckles
I was so so not expecting you and unprepared and out on the hills I rejoiced in you heat and brightness,
Now after the glow of Sunday I have sunburnt cheeks and a glowing nose - not a good look.
(Memo to self - don't forget the sun protection cream next time we go walking......)

 I'd forgotten dear dear sunshine that you are both friend and foe to a red headed freckle face........


  1. So glad you got sunshine. Isn't it lovely to have blue skies and warm weather. We are having days of rain and clouds but at least it's warm. ;)


  2. Lovely seeing blue sky again in your pictures. Glorious sunshine.

  3. Yes it was a great day. Thanks for the memory of a lovely day. If you can find some more, that would be very welcome!


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