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#30DaysWild and # MicroadventureChallenge

The other day, we watched the sun go down and sipped coffee as we watched the sun came up, I have never felt so good on so little sleep.

We packed the bare essentials (and in my case a couple of extras - I thought ... what the hell, if I want to take my knitting - I shall take my knitting) and stuffed our haversacks with sleeping bags, roll mats, hats and gloves, food, water, warm stuff and (in my case - camera, two lenses - no sorry three lenses and mono-pod - and I thought - what the hell, my camera and I want it and I am carrying it so it will be fine...)

Then, with everything packed and stuffed into the car we jumped in and drove to a pretty little market town in Cumbria, parked up and hoisted our haversacks on our backs... well, the boys did. I could barely lift mine.

Eldest kindly lifted it up - his eyes rolled a little as he did - and placed it in the boot of the car so I could shrug it on with out actually having to swing it from floor level.

Then, having managed that, I slung my camera case (with all the lenses and mono-pod), then lurched forward feeling a little top heavy, Himself looked at me and I cheerfully smiled and set off. As soon as I was out of his eye line, I grimaced as I tried to make the shoulder straps less uncomfortable.

Eldest stayed with me as I tried to sort out my various bags and straps. As we yomped through the town we wound our way through narrow ginnels and snickles to the main road where I was stopped dead at the sight of a pony and trap. A really small pony and trap...a really really small pony and trap belting up the main street! So, with a bit of a frantic struggle to reach my camera I managed to take this...
We left the streets, the boys strode ahead and I gritted my teeth and plodded on (why the hell did I bring so much??) The sun was rather warm (so was I) and we hit the hill fairly quickly, the slope was more challenging than usual (with all my added camping goodies)and I chose to breathe rather than chat or take photos. Breathing was important ... and rather rasping.

Then I thought about it as I gasped, if I took photos - it would mean I could stop and draw a ragged breath before plodding on.
Another breather view.
 Getting higher and higher and another breath view.
Then suddenly we reached the top and deep and glorious joy - the hill flattened out ! I could have skipped with delight except I was just grateful that I could breathe and walk at the same time and only in moderate pain! (why the hell did I bring so much extra stuff!!)
We selected our site carefully and before it could get too dark to make camp, we were set up, warm clothes donned, the kettle merrily bubbling away as we ate steaming hot bowls of couscous.
I retrieved my knitting (wasn't I so very clever to bring it along!) and sat quietly breathing in the view.

The scent of coffee drifting through the air, 
the peachy pink of the setting sun,
the gentle click of my needles, 
the song of sky larks marking the end of the day 
all added up and my tired legs and weary shoulders just faded away.

The rest of our micro-adventure I will share tomorrow,
until then xxxx


  1. Fantastic! I'm looking forward to many such adventures when Lily is a little bit bigger. It was a very clever idea to take your knitting. :-) x

  2. Oh how I wish I had your energy. Looks like you had a wonderful time.
    Julie xxxxxx

  3. You can't beat a bit of camping - I love a microadventure. There's something special about being outside and waking up to it all. Looks like you had some fantastic views.
    Cathy x

  4. how wonderful x and of course you needed your knitting x

  5. So lovely and I hope the back & shoulders are settling down now. I think I'd rather do it without your backpack, but what amazing views. Look forward to hearing about the rest of the adventure. Take care.

  6. Absolutely lovely :-}
    You did make me laugh with your I have never felt so good on so little sleep. That's a bit how I feel after a long day on the fells, knackered and hurt in odd places but feeling fantastic.
    Also made me laugh with the weight of your rucksack - been there, done that which is why I now only take the bare essentials for safety and comfort and as much as possible does dual duty.

  7. Dear Hawthorn...sounds beautiful...if a little teenie weenie bit PAINFUL! Just ordered myself a Fitbit thingy...so hopefully will motivate myself a little to do a little more physical exercise! X

  8. It's a beautiful town to take a walk from isn't it. The hills are always quiet round there ;). You could start an extreme knitting club!


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