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If I ask with my eyes

If I wag my tail and ask with my eyes...
If I sit quietly, if I watch and wait....
They might take me for a walk
They might take my favourite toy of all time (at this moment in time)
 They might let me run and run and run ...
because my legs want to fly over the fields...
they might take me to my favourite water trough
  they might let me jump in and drink until my thirst is quenched 
and then let me drink some more
because I am so thirsty - for life, for fun, for love
They might let me stop and sniff and play
then they, as we come home, might let me stop and drink
at a bowl or two left out for me (or other dogs if I wish to share)
If I stare,
if I wait,
if I ask with my eyes,
they might take me out for a walk.
I am ready.


  1. Lovely, but "I" want to come too. I can see myself running through flower meadow. OK, probably more a gentle stroll, but it's just a dream for me. See you on Friday for the photo hunt. Take care.

  2. Heartwarming to see such a love deepening between you all and this beautiful furry friend. Who could resist those eyes ...

  3. I agree, how can you resist those lovely brown eyes. ❤❤

  4. Oh, bless her gentle little heart :). I did ask for more Mossy pictures, so thank you very much.

    What a glorious life she is having with you all, if only they could talk I wonder what she would make of the change in her fortunes? She's looking great but clearly needs time to put on more weight and build muscle.

    Daisy would say 'well done to all' but she's sparked out in front of the wood burner - again. Been raining fit to bust all afternoon and it's a tad chilly.

  5. And does she up the ante if you ignore her? Who could resist!

  6. Brilliant post; what a lucky lady she is. I'd come on such a walk too provided I can just walk as my running days are over; not too keen on the water activities but I'd like the walk, the views and flowers and the overall happiness that exudes from this post.

  7. Well Moss...you've found your forever home for sure. x

  8. I love this post, so beautiful and very original.

  9. What a good post and fantastic pictures :) It is certainly a dogs life :) :) :)

  10. Excellent post!! I have 4 Yorkies...yeah you read correctly. One will come and just stare at me when she wants to go play outside. They have their ways to talking to us. Asking with his eyes...lovely way of saying it. Beautiful dog!! Best, Vicki

  11. Hello. I thought I would just pop by. This post is just lovely - what a fantastic dog.
    Best wishes


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