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My dear Daisy (and Jayne)

I am at present enjoying suffering a nasty little cold which can only be treated by being curled up on the settee surrounded by cats, dog and to a lesser extent - a teenager. Who, it has to be said, makes a good mug of tea on demand.

Any hoo - I did make an attempt at going into work but was ordered home again, but not until I spied a large parcel waiting for me not for me. I knew what it was and who it was for .....

Along the way in blog-land you get to 'meet' some lovely folk, Jayne from 'The View from Bag End' is one such person. We got on almost immediately we commented on each other's blogs (mostly over the generous proportions of her sweet Daisy dog's ears and our coincidentally loved areas for walking) and along the way we discovered we had a mutual bloggy friend in Susan from 'Granny Smith's Quilting'.

Jayne has a really soft side when it comes to her precious Daisy and when she discovered we now have a fifth member in our walking pack she very generously offered to post to Moss one of Daisy's 'Quiltys'.  On Moss' behalf I happily accepted which now leads back to the parcel that landed today.

Oh my beating heart - it is wonderful. Beautifully made swirly quilting stitches and the most delightful and squishy fleecy material appropriately adorned with doggy foot prints. 

If you think that I love it - you should see who really really loves it!
It's arrival could not have been more perfectly timed, as a post-spey Moss is using it to the max as she recovers from her surgery. And what's more it is in my her favourite shades of blues and flowers - what's there not to love??
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  1. Oops, that’s me and Daisy well and truly outed!
    If there is going to be a competition over who gets the most pleasure from this little episode I think we shall have to declare it a draw because it is my absolute delight to have made a little contribution to Moss’s new life, although as part of the Spellweaver family I really don’t think she needs any help from me.
    You guys are clearly doing a wonderful job with her.

  2. What a beautiful quilt and wonderful present for Miss Moss (MM). It is exquisite. I don't know who is more pleased with it, MM or her owner!! ❤❤

  3. Looks really lovely! And that pup! she's just gorgeous!!

  4. What a beautiful quilt and a wonderful gift! Hope you are feeling much better soon!

  5. Lucky Moss to get her own personal quilt to snuggle up in (I snuggle in mine and know how comforting it is); hope she gets over being speyed and that you get over your cold; summer colds are the worst of all.

  6. See Moss...I said it would be alright...you lucky doggie. x

  7. Well done MM for already playing a big part in blogland. I hope she enjoys her quilt and is feeling better after her op. The colours are very much you and with the fleece back should be really snuggly. Do hope your cold clears up quickly and our mutual friend is definitely one to keep. Take care & huggles.

  8. Hope you feel better soon. Moss looks like she's settling in very well.

  9. Your quilt is so pretty indeed! What a lucky dog to lay on it!


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