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Evening walk #30DaysWild

Our evening walk last night,
a light breeze
wafting all the different grasses.

I love the variety.
It is a good feeling when your eyes are full.



  1. Glad you were well enough for the very important evening walk with Moss; I too persuaded Beloved to go for a walk as it was a beautiful evening. So many grasses, so difficult to identify them all!

  2. Beautiful images :-} Glad to see both the invalids got out for some fresh air. Hope you are both feeling better today.

  3. Amazing how many different varieties of grasses there are when you start looking. Glad you and MM were both feeling well enough for your evening walk. ❤❤ xx

  4. Beautiful and uplifting. Just what I needed today. X

  5. A beautiful evening walk! A perfect way to end the day!!

  6. Lovely snaps. Grasses can be quite mesmerising blowing in the breeze. You look nearly rugged up enough to be out walking over here. Take care.

  7. I know exactly what you mean. I love grass seeds heads especially too. My eyes got filled by your pictures. Thank you.


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