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Birthday weekend and #30DaysWild

My family know me so well.
I had a birthday over the weekend and I was so spoilt.
Tea and gorgeous cake, scones and naughty nibbles in a very pretty garden.

Lovely lovely thoughtful gifts from everyone.
Some needing an awful lot of effort 
(thanks Dad - as you can see MY bench is already happily in it's new home - thank you!)
 The cats 'chose' the fishy jug (nice one girls!)
Glorious sunshine.
Wonderful walk and picnic.
Glorious sunset whilst sipping tea and listening to swallows screaming overhead.
It was a most wonderful and special weekend.
Thank you thank you thank you xxxx



  1. What a lovely birthday weekend and so good to have a sunny day and to spend it in a garden with lovely food and gifts. Then the bonus of a walk in your wonderful countryside. Great photos! Take care.

  2. Glad we could share some of it with you. Enjoy sitting in the sun on your bench. xx

  3. Many happy returns! What a perfect weekend to be spoiled :) xx

  4. What a beautiful cake! I like your hare mug too. It looks like it was a lovely birthday.
    Cathy x

  5. Oh how wonderful. A belated very Happy Birthday to you. It looks to have been a perfect weekend. X

  6. Happy Birthday! That cake looks wonderful!

  7. Happy Happy birthday! It all looks so wonderful! I could happily sit on your bench with a relaxing cup of tea in a hare mug and contemplate those lovely views. The countryside looks marvallous!

    us Geminis rock!!! :-)

    keep well

    Amanda xx

  8. Belated Happy Birthday wishes.... that's an indulgent cake, it looks delicious.

  9. Happy Birthday! Glad you had a wonderful time!! Delicious cake!

  10. Belated happy birthday - it all looks wonderful! My birthday is in October, and I have always thought that winter starts then!!

  11. Many happy returns (but you know I've already said that!)

    Lovely bench, but there is something (someone) else in pic #5 that I am far more interested in . . . Know you are very busy but looking forward to more pictures and 'a story'.

  12. Belated Happy Birthday

    Julie xxxxxxx

  13. As usual great looking cake! I liked the mug and did wonder who the dog was! Yes, I am playing catch-up with life yet again....

  14. happy birthday, what a beautiful cake and I love your new mug too xxx


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