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Strawberry Summer Solstice - one in 70 #30DaysWild

One in 70? Strawberry?
The native American's call this moon the Strawberry Moon as it coincides with the harvesting of wild strawberries and according to the boffins this moon only occurs on summer solstice once every 70 years - so, enjoy it while you can :)
As I type this, the sky pales from a clear blue to layers of peach and yellow with deep rich tangerine slash. 
We did our DoG-WaLK in the clear fresh evening air. The sky was a beautiful blue with the wispiest and flimsiest of clouds. Eldest and Miss Moss alternately chased or collected a tennis ball in the gloaming light.  You can see them in the middle distance enjoying the emptiness and solitude.
I tried my hardest to fill my eyes with the sky and my lungs with the air and found I also filled my heart.

Then as the warmth abated and the shades in the skies paled, we turned for home.

Summer officially begins - today the 'sun stood still'. Beautiful.

Blessings be xx



  1. Solstice blessings from our house to yours, xxx

  2. Summer solstice for you and winter for us, so our days will start drawing out. Beautiful photos once again. When are our Scavenger Hunt photos due this month please? I think I'm pretty right after trawling few my files and our old albums and also found a few that might come up in future. I've taken a few over this month, but not many as it's been so dull & dreary. We've a cold week ahead with wind and snow down to low altitudes. Brrrr!. Take care.

  3. Wonderful skies in this post and your last too. Absolutely beautiful in fact!

  4. Gorgeous skies again over the Rec. Hope someone has told Mother Nature that summer is due to start. ❤❤ xx

  5. Sorted! I know why I Missed the sunsets of late; I was sitting downstairs with Beloved in the room that does not face West; if I'd been upstairs I would have seen the sunsets! Please keep posting sunset pictures so I do not miss them!


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