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Saturday's sunset, Sunday's scones #30DaysWild

Yesterday was a full on day. Work in the morning, then university-open-day visiting in the afternoon whilst still suffering post snotty summer snivels, I still felt waffy (a wonderful word I have learnt since working in Yorkshire - waffy. Perfectly sums up that light-headed numb feeling you have post cold or when super-tired).
However, if you are a dog, needing a dog-walk, waffy just does not cut the dog biscuit (or similar dog related idioms), so after we'd eaten we set off with Moss for her new 'favouritist thing in the world' - the evening DOg-WaLK!
We live in a lineated village in a narrow valley with a communal sports grounds (ok ok a large field) situated on a reasonably flat hill top just behind us. It is rare to be up there on your own as it is very well used by the residents. 

First thing in the morning are the early flush of dog walkers followed by joggers and lady power walkers, as the day progresses the more mature dog walker appears and pre-school children learning to ride bikes/fly kites/play football predominate.  
The afternoon has semi-serious sports teams playing football and as the evening arrives - more dog walkers, kite skate boarders and teenagers populate the fields.
Then, later still when most normal folk have returned home, we walk up to the fields and enjoy the solitude (with the very occasional other late evening dog walker), listen to the birds, watch the sunset, feel the breeze and allow Moss the freedom to run and run and run until her tongue is as long as her tail. 

And, when she is tired from playing, from chasing a ball, from playing some more, we return home, back down into the valley - home. Saturday's sunset was glorious and I am so glad we saw it.
Sunday was father's day and my boys (courtesy of their mum...) produced suitably irreverent cards for Himself and I found an equally cheeky one for my dad.
Our plan to sit outside for afternoon tea had to be put aside as the rain started.
Scones, jam and cream and lemon drizzle cake were the perfect antidote for the grey weather.
Pepper found a box and hunkered down.
Moss melted in front of the fire.
A quiet end to a gentle day.

Hope your Monday is a good start to your week :)



  1. A good 'Solstice Eve' sunset - we just had wall-to-wall cloud and rain.

    Glad you are feeling better and Very Delighted to see that Moss has been initiated into The.Joy.Of.Laying.In.Front.Of.A.Wood.Burner. ❤❤

  2. I can't believe it is your summer solstice and you've all got heating on or fires burning. It's cold here too. The photos are lovely and what a wonderful place your field must be with so much action. Have a good week and take care.

  3. What a gorgeous sunset. Not sure how we missed it. Oh yes, Euro football was on so the sunfilter curtains would have been drawn so as to see the TV screen better. I can vouch for those scones - a real diet breaker!! ❤❤ xx

  4. the scones and those skies are beautiful. hope you're feeling better soon x

  5. Glad I was formally introduced to Miss Moss the other day. I can vouch for her big ears! No-one needs to tell me the scones were good; all cakes from your household are excellent. Sunset? I missed that and I was not watching TV. Sunshine as I write this so will look out for a sunset tonight!

  6. Just looked at photographs again. I am glad Pepper is making using of the box we left behind but my favourite is of Pan asleep on the high chair. A lovely contented end to your post. ❤❤ xx


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