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A load of Huh and a lot of knitty-related inspiration :)

I was bumbling around the tinternet this lunch time. I had rushed out quickly in my lunch hour to do a few chores, rushed back into work, rushed my lunch and then realising I still had 30 minutes I sat back and escaped into a world of knitty-related insipration.

I learnt something new. Really interesting too.

I have been imbibing - with some envy - the Shetland Wool Week blog and came across something I'd never heard of before - the Foula Froke. Huh? Then I read further and then Dutch traditional ganseys were mentioned. Double huh?  My curiosity piqued, I researched more.

I found some gorgeous old black and white photographs on the Shetland Museum  Archives website with both ganseys and the Shetland froke being proudly worn. I was fascinated by the intricate patterning of the knitted garments. Each fishing family wearing their foula froke patterns with dignity and gravity.
  Drifter's crewmen
Just look at their serious faces :)

A few days ago Amjaylou suggested I go and look at the Shwook hat (Huh? - again) and I am so very glad she did - look at this!
Picture from Hazel Tindall's website

Hazel Tindall has designed the Shwook, a lovely fairisle hat to coincide with Shetland Wool Week and she has released it as a free download! Even better :)
Then, this evening I stumbled across this - Trig by Mary Lou Egan -  Love it.

I think I have found my inspiration for autumn. Now just need to finish my existing project - Tincanknits' - Estuary Shawl. I am in love with it. I am using the hand spun wool from Jennie Howes and when I saw her at Yarndale she kindly offered to spin me another hank so I could finish my shawl - how lovely is that!?  At the end of October I am off to the St Abbs Wool Festival to make my purchases and visit my guillemot  - I can't wait!

I love the knitting community spirit of creativity and encouragement. Hopefully I've passed on some of that today and you find some inspiration for your autumnal knits and festivals.


  1. Talk about some major inspiration, thanks for sharing your find! It is about time I tried some color work.

  2. Very inspirational, though I already have so many projects to make before the end of the year I have put them in individual bags and lined them up along the settee. In fact if we have any visitors arrive they'll have to sit on the floor!
    I really like the design of the hats.

  3. What great designs, just love the last hat. Lucky you off to St Abbs Wool Festival. I'd like to go but too far for a day's travelling. Still I can eagerly look forward to your pictures and details when you post about it.

  4. love the patterns you've found I hope you're going to have a go at them.. I'm still plucking up courage to have a go at socks @-)

  5. I would love to go the wool fest in the Shetlands, and fair isle is something I have been wanting to tackle for a bit now. Nice patterns. :)

  6. I am not surprised you are tempted. Those hats are gorgeous. x

  7. http://www.ravelry.com/discuss/the-foula-wool-experience/3040734/1-25#2

    Here is a link to an image of a Foula Froke knitted in Foula Wool, was on display at Shetland Wool Week 2014 opening ceremony.

  8. Just catching up here. Trig is a lovely pattern, I've knitted it. I should probably admit here that Mary Lou is a friend so I might be biased, but it's still a great pattern.


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