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Random knitting/crochet wafflings

Random waffle number 1 - crochet shrug

A little while ago I crocheted a marbled green shrug in a silky cotton thread. I'd made it to wear to a celebration and as there was lots of dancing (and I mean lots) I soon threw it aside as I was far too warm.  Fast forward some years and I realised that since that evening, I'd only worn it once or twice at most. What a waste.

Rip rip rip,

Now I have 300gms of cotton yarn ready to be transformed into something else. How exciting :)

Random waffle 2 - knit/crochet mitts

Something I knitted last winter (you can see that they have been well used) are my favourite mitts. However, my fingers and thumbs would freeze! So I came up with a plan. It was in my early knitting days and did not have the confidence to knit 'fingers' so I crocheted mittens.

I still needed to get my fingers out so I could take photos, drink tea, knit so I left an opening on the palm.


 Happy warm fingers? You betcha!


  1. That green silk yarn looks lovely - I look forward to seeing what you decide to make with it. :) Have a great week. x

  2. Great idea to rip an un-worn garment back and then to have exciting times planning what to do with it. That's the way to do it! Clever you with modifying your mitts.

  3. Its a lot of work frogging something, looks like a nice color. Good idea with the mittens, they look warm.

  4. Your mitts are very clever - what a good idea! Ripping back something I've made always feels like a big step, and I dither over it for a while, but I am always glad I did. It's lovely to end up with a lot of 'new' yarn - I wonder what you will make with it? x

  5. Two great ideas. Look forward to seeing what you will make with the lovely cotton yarn. xx

  6. Very re creative and what a great use of the yarn.


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