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Walking like a tin soldier*

Before I start chatting away I thought I must really thank you for all your lovely comments recently, it always amazes me that some one actually reads my waffle - thank you =^.^=

Yesterday was Himself's birthday and as part of the celebrations we went to folky concert where the band was billed as Gypsy Folk n Roll and they were! We saw Holy Moly and the Crackers. We must have danced for most of their gig - oophff, my crook knee hasn't forgiven me and going up and down stairs has been, well let me put it this way, a bit of a trial - however, it was worth it!

We had a brilliant time! I danced like a demon** and loved loved loved it! It was just what we needed. Today has been a lot quieter.....
Today was sort of a recovery day - Youngest and I pottered in the kitchen. He made a Devon Apple cake - very successfully and I peeled and chopped a box load of windfalls. Our freezer is full to bursting now with apples ready for fruit pies over winter. There is a good lot of self satisfaction when we use 'food for free'.
There was an abundance of peeling, chopping and weighing which Youngest tackled happily and I have to say the sampling of it afterwards was rather good :)

*walking like a tin soldier? Well, after succumbing to the delights of the cake we felt the need for a walk and my knee would not bend comfortably so I ended up with a jerky gait that felt quite choppy and stilted - made me think of those old tin soldiers that you could wind up and they would totter off on stiff unyielding legs.

****Dancing like a demon? Well... I love dancing and when given a chance will 'bop like a gud 'un' which, when the boys were younger they didn't mind and would often join in....however, now they are teenagers, the thought of their mother whirling and jigging on the dance floor to folk music was bordering on embarrassing. Hey ho.

Any hoo, enough waffle for now.  I'll share my latest knitting news with you tomorrow as well as the pictures of our walk today.


  1. Happy Belated birthday to Himself. Dance as much as you like and ignore those who do not like you dancing!!!! I too have a very full freezer, so many blackberries in it. So I know what it is like to get 'food for free' though there is a lot of effort before it hits our tummies!

    Please keep the waffle coming. I can never have too much waffle.

  2. Ha! Had to laugh at your teenagers' comments. I get exactly the same from my daughter as she gives me quite the "look" when I get up to dance. I try and ignore it after all dancing is great exercise!!! It is so good to let ones hair down now and again ,isn't it? It so relieves stress!!!
    That cake looks so delicious as I am very partial to Apple cake.
    I'll also echo what Threads says too.......just love your waffle!

    keep well

    Amanda x

  3. Same here, re. the kids embarrassment when I dance along, years ago they used to dance with me. I'm trying to persuade the whole lot of them - two sons, two daughters, assorted boyfriends/girlfriends - to come with me to Kate Rusby and Co's Under The Stars festival next year so they'll just have to get used to it as if we get there I won't stop dancing until I fall over.


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