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The colour red

Saturday was a bright and breezy day with clouds flying across the sky teasingly showing brief glimpses of blue.

This had a somewhat sombering effect on the colours of our walk, however various shades of red seemed to glow iridescently through.

Eldest's haversack slung casually across one shoulder, impractical and probably uncomfortable but so typical of teenage lads.
  Berries in the hedgerows. Some glossy coated and glistening while others mat and leathery, their shades being off set by yellowy foliage.
 The invasive and cannibalistic Harlequin Ladybird - a foreign species devastating the native ladybirds. At the time of taking these photos we were unaware of their unwanted status and we oohed and ahhed at their colours and how many there were..... hmmm, we know better now.
As the afternoon progressed and our walk lengthened - the clouds relented and the sky began to glow - this only had an intensifying effect on the reds and these holly berries were positively incandescent.
  Then, just as we returned to the village where we'd left the car, Youngest found this...... how could I resist?
Sunday is a lot quieter, more home based, the weather more dull. Think this sort of day calls for homemade soup and bread :)

Hope you alhad a lovely weekend
 and wishing yoall 
Happy Monday!


  1. You have done well to take photos with red in them; I do struggle at times. Nasty Harlequin Ladybirds. Like the peek-a-boo photo!

  2. It's so beautiful where you live. I'm longing to go for walks again - patience is not my middle name! x

  3. What a lovely walk and just love that last photo. The berries are even better on the hollies than when we were there. Gorgeous. Take care and have a good week.

  4. Autumn/winter berries are such a vibrant red. That last photo is just a real hoot!

  5. Love the red, even in Giddy Dog's harness. Tell Youngest that the photograph looks just like him....full of nonsense!

  6. Hello, I love your Autumn pictures, a lovely family walk.
    My kitty Enzie has a look a like I see-adorable!!!.
    A pleasure to be part of your blog

  7. Gorgeous photos, I don't think I've ever seen a holly tree with so many berries on it, and so bright! The colour red really does stand out in the landscape, doesn't it? :) x


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