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Falling out the back door

The beauty of living in a rural village is the easy access we have to local walks from our home. We literally fall out of our back door and can, within a few short paces, follow any number of pathways on to the hills. Yesterday we did one such walk. I snapped a few photos as we went along.
 The decorative flower pots, full of cheery begonias, around the village cenotaph - still blooming happily away in the autumnal sunshine.
 The wonky gate to the 'rec' (recreation grounds)  with its rusty squeak.
 My view down into the village as we step through the wonky squeaky gate.
 Our local footie league looking like bright spots of colour on the vast landscape.
 Pendle hill looming on the horizon beneath an expansive sky.
 The small wooden gate out of the 'rec'. It has a strong spring making the gate snap back with a mighty 'clack' as it closes. This usually alerts the cows in the next field to your presence with mixed results.......

 Boulsworth - our hill. A huge and spreading sponge like hill that 
even in the driest of dry summers squelches under foot.

 Stone gate. This style of closure is now out of use, instead of  the usual hinged wooden gate, the hole would be filled with stone which could be knocked down and used as an entrance then closed again with stone.
 H.W? or M.H? - I will never know. 
This stone lingers quietly in an  old sunken pathway alongside a cemetery.
At the end of the old pathway, it drops suddenly even deeper down into the church yard.

The neighbouring village's original water source, now an attractive feature in a small park.

 Heading back towards home, high above another small village.
 Youngest reading a 'quirkily' written and 'interestingly' spelt sign. Over the years the author has written new and equally rambling grievances and sites them along his wall. 
 Another well used stile
 Looking back towards Weets Hill - another damp lump. Weets years and years ago was known as 'Wet Hill'

Almost home, just a quick meander by part of the local grow-it scheme in the village. 
There are several sites where planters over the last few years have sprung up 
and are filled with herbs and vegetables for every one to use.

Thanks for meandering around with me :) I know I mentioned I would add some knitting news, but I've neglected to take any pictures and I've frogged back my work several times... sharing and showing will have to wait!

Well, end of the weekend, once again it has flashed by but I have really enjoyed it. Hope you did too :)


  1. Though all of your pictures are lovely it is the skies that you capture which always stand out and look so amazing.

  2. the apple cake on the last post looked really scrummy and it's been lovely going for a meander with you. Any time you fancy a spot of tea and cake I'm your girl :-)

  3. How pretty our village and neighbouring villages look! I think I recognised 90% of your photos; your walk made up for my lack of walking the other day when I only managed about 1700 steps! Pity you are back to frogging mode but you will overcome!

  4. I'm back in Oz now, but that walk brought a lump into my throat. Hard being torn between two countries so far apart. Thanks for the lovely pics and take care.


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