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St Abbs Wool Fest

Well, yes! What a lovely lovely day.

We had set off from home on the Friday afternoon and despite all the road works and the contra-flows and the traffic - we finally arrived in Northumberland. It was dark and windy and rather cold and despite finding our cottage we could not raise the owner with the all essential key. Eventually by the magic of 'ringing my mom' who was able to find a different telephone number and then get hold of the owner, we were able to get in.

Oh what a lovely warm cottage and shortly we all curled up on to the settees with steaming mugs of tea and some comfort food as we settled in.

On Saturday, full of anticipation, we set off for the festival.  Our wet and windy weather had turned into bright and breezy with warm autumnal sunshine - how delicious.

What a beautiful view from the visitors centre where part of the wool festival was held.

Look! There is my silly guillemot! Woo hoo! He is the snooty looking one in the middle right. 

Eldest and Girlfriend (in my fairisle hat :) ) off to the rest of the wool festival.

I wanted to share a lot more images and stories, but where I am staying the wifi is rather stone age (!) and I am  struggling to post anything - so this one will have to do for a starter!


  1. Looks like fun - and isn't it great when you see something you've made on display for others to see. x

  2. What a shame about the poor wifi. Love the jelly fish and your guillemot looks at home. Can't wait to read some more when you get 'proper' wifi.

  3. recognised your bird instantly, looks great

  4. Your guillemot has fitted in perfectly. Sometimes lack of wifi may be annoying but at the end of the day, bliss!
    You can have proper chill time!


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