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Boy and dog becoming man and dog.

Same view, same two, several years apart. Summer 2009, Winter 2010 and Autumn 2014.

The boy is so much taller, the dog very very much older. Will I get another photo next year? Hope so.


  1. What a fabulous sequence of photos! Lovely story. Long may it continue. I have to add that the first photo made my look out of the window, just in case the awful weather today had suddenly got worse. Phew, it had not.

  2. :) Lovely photos and memories. x

  3. How lovely that you've reconstructed the same shot. It's funny - I remember that when my children were little other people talked about how fast they grow up, and it seemed that it didn't apply to me. Now I have two adult children and one teenager, and it seems a long time ago that they were small. It's lots of fun enjoying the lovely young people that they've grown into. Nice photos of the dog too :) x

  4. You do think of some great things to post. Simple but so lovely!

  5. Lovely photographs. Clever idea. I am certain the two will still be together next year. Giddy dog may be deaf and sight poor but she will still want to chase a ball.xx


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