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What a soggy day!

Well, the plan had been to visit my folks 'favouritest' fish and chip shop In ThE WoRLd! in Seahouses. A proper holiday style seasidey town. The type that have 'bucket and spade' shops with 'kiss-me-quick' style goodies for sale. Then we were to go down to the sands of St Aidens beach and do a bit of beach combing.......

With it being half term, the pavements and shops were rather full of families doing more or less the same as us. Keeping busy whilst keeping an eye on the weather.

We sat down to a rather nice, very clean and shiny fishery-and-chippery-eatery and soon there was four huge plates of fish and chips, pots and tea and a pile of bread and butter - goodness knows how I was supposed to eat all this food!

While we were chatting and munching in the the restaurant the heavens opened and so so much rain fell. It was still raining when we left and by the time we reached the car we were drenched!

Discretion being the best part of valour - we retreated back to our cottage to dry off and hide from the weather.

It rained rest of the afternoon and most of the evening but it meant I could do loads of knitting!

My owl hat is nearly completed and my shawl - oh my delicious shawl - is back on the go - happy me :)

Tomorrow Youngest and I are planning a walk! Woo hoo!

The sculpture on the sea front commemorating the heroics of all lifesavers - he almost lifesize on a huge rock - managed to take his photo before the rain caught us!

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  1. What a shame. It was quite soggy here too! Love the sculpture, so dramatic and thought provoking.


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