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'Bear'ly 'hare'ing along

The house is gently quiet, I can hear the occasional vehicle trundle by, the tap tap of the rain on the roof and as usual the radio entertaining itself in the kitchen.

I am contentedly drawing and designing patterns for an upcoming idea I have - shall see how it plays out - but first my mug is empty and that needs rectifying.
What are you up to today? Not sure what the weather's like where you are, but yet again it is wet here. There is a damp looking female blackbird hopping up the pathway - good thing the cats are fed up and have gone back to bed!

Best get on, out this afternoon at knit and natter - except I'll be taking needlefelting, working on a commission at the moment - a BooBoo the Bear keyring.

Yea gods, they are playing festive songs on the radio - gah!


  1. Lovely drawing......

    Holiday music? Yes, I'll bet.

    I am so old, that I remember back when they did not do this early. And there were 24 hours of Holiday music, on the 24 hours of Christmas Day. It was thus special.

    Now, well I don't know when they start as we don't have a radio on.

    This music is something I have to ease into. With our own CD's (or is music a diff name?). Instrumental ones. Like harps, and such. Love harps!!! But not even doing that yet. -smile-


  2. BooBoo is looking good! Hope you post a picture when it's completed. Yes the day was damp but not as damp as I thought it would be. Today I've been 'fighting' with a quilt binding that is not going well; I'll sleep on it and try again tomorrow!


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