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Cold feet

I do find this time of the year hard. I find it difficult to resist the urge to hibernate - particularly when the weather is being unkind. Oh to curl up under a crochet blanket with a cat (or two) and feel my toes warm up.
Saying yes to folk and getting out and about is like pushing against the tide and I am having to learn to simply say no and go with how I feel.

And, this is also the time that shops, the internet and television start thrusting out festive adverts, chrimbly makes and bakes and it just feels too soon and too 'desperate' - is it just me or do you feel the same? I find am still mourning the loss of summer - albeit a bit of an insipid one this year.

Time to get myself back to full on 'arting and crafting' again - I usually feel a whole lot better when I am out in the studio making things - it is where I feel happiest - slipping into my own world, leaving the rest behind.

So, with coffee in hand, dog on feet and paints at the ready I find that this is the best cure-all for me :) Enjoy your day xxx


  1. I read something wonderful recently, but darned if I can recall where (note to self - must try harder ☺️) that not only is this the time of year when animals hibernate and plants take time to rest before next season's growth, but it is also the time when our bodies want to respond to the same needs and rhythms.

    I must find the post (am sure it was a blog) so I can thank the author because it perfectly encapsulated this time of year for me - and (I suspect) for you too. xx ��

    1. I have posted something along these lines recently so could have been me ;)

  2. It would be so easy to hibernate with a wood-burner, cat and good book and it's got to the time when I have to force myself to go swimming once a week - so many clothes to take off and put on!
    Enjoy your studio time

  3. I found her - and see that you already have. Wonderful blogger, love her writing:

  4. I simply do not resist the urge to hibernate!!!!! 'Tis the time for it. Just look at all of nature.

    Do say No to what you do not really want to do. It's only common sense.

    Oh yes, all the Holiday Whirl~Wind~of~Activities. Oh mercy, and people wonder why they are stressed out??????? How silly, to buy~into it.


  5. Saying no can be hard but it is important to be able to do that if we can. Hibernating and rest is a good thing for this time of year. It is far too early for anything Christmas related so I agree that it can feel a little desperate when it starts this early. I hope your time in your studio is the cure you needed.

  6. I always say that I love the "hunker down" feeling of winter. A time to rest and recharge.

  7. I'm very much a 'summer' person and would love nothing more than to be able to hibernate from the end of October till the end of March, especially with our current very wet weather, though I don't mind going out during autumn/winter if the days are dry and sunny. I agree about the Christmas thing, everything starts far too early these days.

  8. Of late I'm finding I'm becoming good at saying no, what I mean is I don't volunteer unless I want to! Even though I'm retired, I'm so busy but I do find me-time every day, I insist on finding me-time! So worry not about saying No and enjoy hiding (I meant working) in your studio. X


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