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Music always sounds better on a Friday

Friday - Friday - used to be a favourite day of mine when I worked full time - the week was something to endure and then .... it was Friday!
Now that I work from home - I forget what day it is and suddenly when it is Friday - it is almost a surprise....

A lot has happened this morning - our final wrap up meeting from the art event. Sharing out of monies to the charities we had chosen,  lattes to be drunk, stories to be shared and friends to meet.

I am not going to miss our art event - it ate me, it ate my friend who organised with me. It ate in to family life, creative life and despite most of the artists involved pleading with us to continue it - we are not going to - we want to spend our time on our art and with our families - I think know we have made the right decision.

On a slightly sadder note - while I was at the meeting, Eldest rang to say he'd found an injured cat at our back door,  he has taken it to our local vets and hopefully the owner will be traced soon. I will let you know what happens. Not going to show photos - too sad :(
Once Himself is home, lunch eaten we will be going to a walk - because finally finally finally the rain has stopped and both the dog and I have cabin fever!

Have a lovely weekend and speak next week xxxxx


  1. We quite understand your decision to take a year off from TAM. At the end we could see how tired and fraught you both were. The weekend was a tremendous success and it shows or else people would not be trying to persuade you to have a TAM20.

    So sorry to read about the injured cat. Hope he pulls through and you are able to find his owners who must be frantic about him. That black and white picture of the ducks is beautiful. Enjoy your weekend and your TAM free life.xx ❤

  2. How powerful that you have made a decision to stop something that is so successful, that is not an easy one to make but you are so right to focus on your own lives too.

    I do the cat is alright and that its owners are located soon. Hope you enjoyed your walk and have a lovely weekend too x

  3. I'm glad your art event was a success but if it impacted on your life so much then no-one could blame you for not continuing with it next year. Sorry to hear about the injured cat, I hope it recovers and its owners are found soon :)

  4. Super wonderful, to have stopped an activity, which was not good for you, or for your friend! Congratulations to you both!!! -loud clapping- -happy dancing- We must learn to make our own life and health and family, come first.

    Oh but I see the above comment saying,.,,, "Take a year off..." -harrrrumph- Please don't "promise" such. How can you know now, that it will be any easier, next year? I have no idea what this event consists of... But if people love it so...Let them do it

    More Congratulations to you...

    And gentle hugs...


  5. Sometimes you have to step away from something for others to appreciate what you have created and the effort it involves. If people want it to continue then others will fill the gap. Arilx

  6. Oh my sweet, what ups and downs. What a beautiful man you have raised in Eldest that he found an injured puss and immediately took her straight to the vet . . . awaiting updates.

    Your last few posts have contained glimpses of ~you~ which has been a joy, and I will be honest and tell you how relieved I am to hear you will not be running TAM next year. I could see how it was consuming you . . . welcome back. xxx

  7. Catching up after so many tech problems, but I can see how the time has come to put you and your family first and enjoy your art too. You are so talented, that I'd hate to see it diminish because of selfish people. Do hope the cat has a good outcome & it must have had ESP to know where it would get the best attention.......... We have cabin fever too, as our weather has been woeful here in southern Oz. Enjoy the rest of the weekend, take care & huggles.

  8. Your decision about TAM is the only way forward but this year's event was the best. I saw on Facebook that the cat and owner have been reunited, so well done to eldest and you. X


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