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Sunshine, you are my sunshine (not)

Edited to reinsert the photos - hopefully everyone can see them now xx

Sitting in the gloom - who turned down the colour button?
It is so grey and dank today that I am on line trying to sort myself out a daylight lamp so I can work. I do already have a really good one which lives in the studio, however has a clamp type arrangement so is not easily portable and it requires a sturdy surface to grab on to. The light also has the tendency to turn into a large and unwieldy monster as soon as I release it from the table. I have never known a lamp take on Houdini like characteristics as this one. 
So I am just looking for a table top version ............ but why, I ask myself ........... has it taken nearly and hour and a half and required a dip into Pinterest, a dabble on FB, a bit of blogging and tea drinking to decide that .... yes ... getting a daylight lamp is a good idea and ..... no I have not chosen one yet.
Procrastination medal of the day just about to be awarded to..... Me!  

And yes, that is another daylight table top lamp there, but as you can see - someone small has decided to top up her Sunshine D levels. We need one each .......

Right, I seriously must get on, I have feather paintings to do, ACEO paintings to finish and a lamp to order. Until tomorrow!


  1. 'Decision indecision' - the curse of the online shopper.

    I replaced all the ceiling lightbulbs in my sewing room with Daylight temperature LEDs. Made a mahhoooosive difference . . .

    but yes, whoever turned the lights off when they left the room, can you please NOT. Only another 23 days until Solstice and we begin to turn slowly back towards the light. Counting down the days, Moi? Surely not 😃

  2. Great just 23 days to spring! I would hate to live in a dark cave! I need light.

  3. YOur photos do not show up, for me. But not to worry.

    Yes, get what you need.

    Hmmmm,do you really want to be doing, all those things-I-should-be-doing? Seeing as to all the procrastination.... -smile-

    😊 💛 😊

  4. I'm trying a daily dose of vit D which is so far helping regulate my mood and hopefully stop it from dipping down. A couple of strings of white fairy lights [non Christmassy ones] is another little trick that works for me when it's a grey dark day. Arilx

  5. I cant get your photos either? My daylight lamp was bought online from hobbycraft, not too expensive and a sturdy lamp with bendy bits. Ace.

  6. Sadly I cannot see your photos either. It has been such a gloomy week.


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