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Wednesday waffling

Firstly - hello to my new followers - there have been a quite a few recently - welcome to my little corner of the blogisphere - do say hello and I will pop over to your blog and say hello back!
We've been painting Youngest's bedroom - his room is in the attic and has exposed brickwork which is making painting hard going, no sweeping strokes or easing rolling. The brush has to be loaded with paint and 'scrubbed' into the brickwork making sure every vintage nook and cranny in the hand made bricks are painted a clean bright white .... I can see it taking several coats. 
We opened the window letting in the cool night air and I was gently surprised to see a inky black sky full of stars -hopefully the skies will still be clear today - I am getting cabin fever as is the dog and we both need to get out and walk.

Still on the theme of painting, my sketch from yesterday - still work in progress but as the colours began to appear - it made me feel really happy - need to finish it today.

Right best get one, must also finish the needle felting commission and start my next one. Have a lovely 'tipping day' (Tipping day I hear you say? What's that? Well Wednesday is known as tipping day because it is tipping you towards the weekend!)

xxx happy tipping day to you too xxx


  1. I love the sketch, it's coming along beautifully :-)

  2. Your hare sketch is wonderful. Happy painting!

  3. Tipping day is a far nicer expression than hump day. Your sketching is beautiful. X

  4. Love your sketch.Good luck with the painting.

  5. This is gorgeous! Ahrgh, the brickwork painting sounds hard!


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