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A Friday cat related conundrum ....

Dare I say it (shh will whisper just in case) .....*the sky looks to have strange blue pieces between the clouds*.... and it is not raining? gasp!

Have a good weekend what ever the weather :)

And I shall leave you with this curiosity....
why - when I look at this bowl think it looks fine,  my cat insists that it is empty? 


  1. Ohhhhh, be very careful, about what you say, about the (shushhhhhhhhhh) w-e-a-t-h-e-r. -gigggles-

    Mmmmmm, did your cat eat some? If so, perhaps that is all your cat prefers to eat, of that particular cat food? A different type, for the main course, perhaps? -grin-

  2. We had a cat once who insisted that his dish was empty if he could see any of the bottom of his food bowl. If we shook it around so that he couldn't see any of the bottom he was fine. Cats are strange!!

  3. Simple, easy peasy answer - because however beautiful you are, however graceful you can be, you are not a cat. You do not think like a cat, or see things like a cat.

    And that bowl clearly (from the cat's point of view) does not contain appropriate nutrition.

    I'd put it in front of Moss . . . but then, I am not a cat either 😝🙀

    Talking of felines, any news to complete the story on the lovely puss which Eldest rescued? It would be nice for you/him/all of us to know if he's making a good recovery.

    1. News of the cat is good, will be sharing next week xx hope you are feeling better!

  4. Our big cat is just the same. His face almost fills the bowl, so he eats everything in the middle and then waits for us to re-fill it, or shake the contents down. If he's really hungry he'll scoop the biscuits out one at a time and eat them off the floor. x

  5. I'm with Debi. The bottom of the bowl is visible therefore it is empty. How about painting cat food on the bottom of the bowl?

  6. That bowl made me smile :-) It's just the same here, if the tongue touches the bottom then it needs filling up mum those sad eyes say.


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