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Remember Remember the fifth of November, 
Gunpowder treason and plot.
We see no reason 
Why gunpowder treason
Should ever be forgot!

Strange thing to celebrate - but yes, outside was a cacophony of explosions and screams. The cats and dog sat close, with watchful eyes as we talked to them, over them and continued as normally as possible.

Jules from A Hidden JEM wrote a lovely autumnal post and included a recipe for Bonfire Toffee, so yesterday evening, while I cooked - Eldest took over and created a wicked dark and moreish (you were right!!) toffee.

Ooh so wicked and dark - perfect for these damp dank evenings while the fire crackles away.
A dark and glossy slab of yum
They won't last long.............

And that list from yesterday?
I have quietly trickled my way through it - but it does seem we all suffer from some degree of procrastination and avoidance!

Today I get to go back out to my studio and paint - for the first time in what feels like weeks, but first I need to finish my coffee and wash up (procrastinating again??)


  1. November the 5th is a strange thing to celebrate, but like you said about trick and treating in your Halloween post I am not sure that folks really know the reasons behind why celebrate these events.

    Your treacle looks great and yes to procrastination it is just thinking time in another guise.

  2. If there is a Event or Holiday to celebrate, I think people should know "the story," behind it. But that's probably an old fashioned idea, today.

    Oh no!!!!!!!! Another sighting of that delicious looking candy!!!!!! Ohhhh noooooo! -grin- Not gonna' look! Not gonna' look! -chuckle-

    Enjoy some for me, being as you are tiny, and can indulge. I am not, and cannot. -smile-


  3. Oh mercy! I forgot to say, I am "The Best," at procrastination.

    And that's not a happy thing, to boast about, I know. -pout-


  4. As Paul Hollywood was recently castigated for saying: "diabetes on a plate", but in small quantities - oh, how gorgeous!! I'd ask you to save me a little bit but with Eldest home there is no chance . . .

  5. Yay! You made it. It's delicious isn't it. I've just this minute put another piece in my mouth. X

  6. Oh it does look good or should I say did look good as by now it will all be gone!


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