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Just time for a quick cuppa

Rain, again, has dominated most of our weekend - not to the point that South Yorkshire is having to deal with and my heart goes out to those who have been affected by the flooding.
the view from my studio window

As a dear friend has noticed, I have managed to get back to my walking and have actually also got round to updating my mileage records. For those who are a little befuddled - in January I started a challenge - to walk 1000 miles during 2019. Not by counting my daily steps but by getting out and walking through out the year.
Dressed for the weather

Yeah - I thought - I can do that! Pah - easy...... then 'this' happened....'that' happened... and 'the other' happened.....it rained... and rained .... and rained.... any hoo - I am at 815 miles at the moment so need to get my yomping boots on to complete my challenge.
ice on the playing fields
 the village cenotaph 

And the cat? He was found to have severe ear mites, a sore mouth and face and was malnourished with possibly damaged kidneys. Fortunately, not only was the poorly fellow id chipped but his owner had current details on it. He was from a large town nearly ten miles away and he'd been missing since August. The veterinary surgery rang Eldest to say that the owner was 'really chuffed' that his cat had been found.  

Right - kettle on, quick brew before I get on with things that need doing - thank you for all your lovely comments, have a good Monday x


  1. Poor, poor pusskins, but how wonderful he is back where he belongs. Hope he makes a full recovery.

  2. Grr . . . computer is as foggy as my head this morning, also meant to say good luck with your remaining miles. xx

  3. We actually had a dry day yesterday which felt like a cause for celebration (we went canoeing), rain is back again today. I hope you manage to walk you remaining 185 miles this year.

    How amazing the cat had walked that far, 10 miles. So glad it will be reunited with its owner, and hope it can be restored to full health. I am not surprised the owner was chuffed after that long you are likely to have given up hope.

  4. That cow is mirroring my expression today. The rain is getting me down but I'll not complain, my thoughts with those poor people affected by the flooding.
    I hope the cat will be soon on the mend now that it's been reunited with it's owner. X

  5. Love the cow photo - 'woolly moos' as I call them are lovely. Good luck with the remaining mileage and I'm so glad the poor cat's owner was found - I hope he makes a good recovery. (The cat, not the owner!) lol

  6. Wonderful challenge... But how do you know how many miles...?

    Oh yes, this and that and the other thing... Happen! Don't they? -smile-

    Ice on the field. Don't think we have had ice yet... But perhaps tonight, as the weather report is very *icky*.

    But... I love 4 Seasons, so I have to not complain. -smile-


  7. This autumn it has been so very wet. Made me giggle when a pigeon in the garden waded into a puddle and it came up to his belly, he didn't stay in there long!
    Good news the kitty's owners had him chipped and he was able to be reunited, 10 miles though.. that's a distance to have travelled.
    Hope the rain stops and you are able to get out and walk.

  8. Love the photo of the Highland beastie; I do like them. Oh yes, wet again.... It's had to get out for a walk when it is so uninviting out there!


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