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November's words and photos

Previous post edited to reinsert the photos - hopefully everyone can see them now xx

It is time to share our images with this month being the final one for 2019. There have been some amazing images and lovely accompanying stories with them - thank you everyone who has joined in during the year. We will pick up again in the new year for January's Scavenger Photo hunt. Keep your eyes peeled for the words which will be released some time during December.
Until then - here are my words and pictures for November 2019 - enjoy.

Seasonal view
The view through the studio door a week or so ago - was a rather dismal day and it took so long for the space to warm up that I retreated back to the house to work - being closer to the kettle as compensation does go some way to make it better however, I do miss that 'setting off to  play work' feeling of shutting the back door and going through the garden with the cats and dog tagging along.

Oh dear - a rather muddy Moss. 

The view from the edge of the Rubha Hunish Peninsular, Skye, it was this holiday that made me realise that my job and the people who were there (not all I hasten to add) had been the reason for my stress and I would have to do something to sort the problem out.  It was a major step to leave, but I did and although still not fully the person I used to be, I am so very much better. It was also, coincidentally, the last time I've been anywhere near the coast and I do miss it.

A birthday card to my brother. It still gives us a giggle when we see it.

This is one from the archives, it was a slouchy beanie and the description did say it was comfortably large and ideal to tuck hair into. I felt to be knitting for ages and when I stitched it together I could not believe how big it really was. It was ripped back the same day as it was finished. 
mega beanie on Eldest's head

My own choice
This had been a candidate for 'oops' but when it did not make the grade, I still wanted to share this little snippet about the county I live in.  Charming.

 Any hoo - happy Friday and all that :) Off now to check out all your lovely photos - speak soon xxx


  1. Well, no prizes for guessing which is my favourite picture - just prizes to you for sharing such wonderful images throughout the year. xxx

    (one of Ollie's many "house names" was Mud Magnet . . . sound familiar?)

  2. Ohh poor Lancashire. We always get the worse end of the stick don't we. I have books of lovely places to visit in England, and Lancashire is hardly ever included. Boohoo. I love Oops and what a miserable seasonal view, don't tell the Lancashire haters. ;) X

  3. That beanie pattern must have be written by some with a mass of hair, its huge! Love that card, hilarious. Thank you so much for hosting this lovely link up, I really enjoy taking or finding photos each month. I am looking forward to joining in once again next year.

  4. I've some funny cards so why didn't I think of them???? Perhaps I ought to read people's comments and then sort out my photos.... Beloved smiled when I read out the Census text. You can guess that my vote for best picture goes to Moss!!!

  5. Lovely photos Kate & I agree with Jayne about the favourite. Oh dear, poor Lancashire with no noteworthy towns, although my grandmother came from there and I'm sure she wouldn't have agreed with that. Must make "Yorkshire" people feel a wee smug though!!! The card is a hoot. Thanks again for keeping us on our toes & make blogging worthwhile. Take care & huggles.

  6. Oh my, big oops for muddy Moss! My nephew at one time could have filled your beanie! It's beautiful though.

  7. That's a great photo of your variegated house plant at the top of this post. Being a Yorkshireman born and bred (yes, and I know that "thick in the head" follows) the 1377 Census looks fine to me.
    Thank you so much for organising this monthly challenge throughout the year and I am sorry that I have dropped out through the autumn.


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