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The sun has gently slipped behind the rooves of the houses across the village road, the sky's a pale peachy blue-grey with slightly darker untidy grey clouds drifting slowly across my view. The blue has been in short supply today as banks of sullen cloud have taken up most sky. Between the intermittent drizzle we have worked in the garden - lifting and thinning, dividing and pruning. There are two types of plants in my garden - those that thrive and strive for world domination and those that don't, never to be seen again. Today was the day that the thugs were brought into line. 

Beating back the foliage was a far cry from our last few days ... when we escaped on a microadventure with Zeb (the van) and Moss. No plans apart from sorting out a friendly farmer's field with stunning views and filling the van with food, boots and clothes.
I love these 'no-plan' adventures, where we just turn off the main road and see what happens. Our first day we walked around Whitbarrow and marvelled at how few folk were around. There were the few dog walkers on the lower slopes and the Dad and son team who looked like they'd planned a wild camp up on the hill. Other than that - hardly any one about. It was absolutely bliss.

I knew we were tired - accumulatively tired but what neither of us expected was how well we slept. Three nights in a row we got a full 12 hours (yes ... 12) sleep. We must have needed it. 
Moss filled her days with hunting down sticks, finding puddles, sniffing, swimming and running and like us falling asleep and sleeping well. The clear air and quiet countryside has been so healing - it seems that we all needed this break.
We visited Halecat plant nursery and I was inspired - although I garden for folk where I can plan and design their gardens, when it comes to my own - I am stumped. This year I'd decided that I would let my garden go semi-feral - let it go 'wild' for nature however I have found that this 'return to nature' is not for me - my garden has to be compatible for our local insect, bird and mammal population but it has still got to be beautiful and make my own heart sing.

I was fired up by their planting, the colour planning and their designs, so.... I may have spent a pound or two bringing home a few plants as a catalyst to my garden revolution!

We walked miles - Moss many more.  We also just sat, breathed, watched the sky, listened to birds, listened to the wind in the trees. Played in streams, sniffed the flowers, picked raspberries and I even attempted to eat a crab-apple (cue screwed up face!😵) We sipped tea at the top of hills, alongside streams, we nibbled Sunny Street flapjacks and strawberries while we watched hundreds of butterflies feast on buddleia. And we slept.
It has been a very cathartic and healing few days - ones we would love to have had for a little longer but reality is calling and Himself is back to work tomorrow and I am on Tuesday. But until then - you'll find me in my garden!


In which we walk, talk and scoff scones.

I've taken a few days off to coincide with Himself with the plan to sleep and walk and breathe. As much as I love my job - I am tired and after working (physically working) since January - I felt it was time for a break. We've spent time tending to our own sorely neglected garden - a space which is precious to us however we've let slide. 

Today we cut ourselves some slack and went for a walk with a dear friend who guided us around some of his lovely stomping ground. 

The clouds although large and heavy just drifted overhead making for dramatic views and moments of pure brilliant sunshine making us throw off our fleeces and don hats. We even had our shadows walking with us. 

Hints of autumnal colour are definitely obvious despite my deliberate act of rebellion of 'Bring back Summer' - hey ho. We walked, we talked, Moss swam and ran and ran and ran - happy dog indeed.
Then as we returned to the village we'd started our walk, we took a small deviation and stopped at a canal side café, ordered tea and fruit scones. 

 A wonderful walk - simple pleasures (and scones!) then back home to work in our little piece of (overgrown) Eden!


Sunny Street Flapjacks

 I thought I would share a recipe with you - one inspired by a flapjack I'd had a few weeks ago and thought 'I can make that' and after a few tries and a few alterations - yes I can! 

Welcome to ....

Sunny Street Flapjacks

Pre heat oven to 180 deg c (gas mark 4 - I think!)

Line a square baking tin (20cm x 20cm-ish) with greaseproof paper

  • 200gm butter
  • 200gm sugar
  • 150gm golden syrup
  • 100gm chopped mixed nuts
  • 100gm cranberries
  • 100gm chopped prunes
  • 375gm porridge oats

Melt the butter with sugar and syrup. Stir in the cranberries, chopped prunes and nuts, add and thoroughly mix in the porridge oats.

Press well into the lined baking tray, flattening down until evenly spread. 
Bake for round about 20 minutes or until golden brown on top.

I cut the biscuits while still warm and still in the tin.
Let them cool initially in the tin, then transfer to a baking rack (all the time beating back Himself who hovers ready to taste test whilst they are still volcanically hot!!)

They are a delicious mix of crispy (the outside) and chewy (the middle) and the sharpness of the cranberries is super tasty in the nutty oaty mix.

Hope you try them - and if you do - let me know what you think!!



The turning of the wheel

 Has anyone else felt it? That shift in the seasons. The taste in the air?

That softly scented decay drifting on the early morning breath. An earthy tang rising from the soil.

Working today down below the plant canopy with my hands busy in the garden - it felt damp and crumbly. The humus smell filled my head.

Harebells abound and tree leaves have lost their summery shade of green hinting at tones of rust.

I am not ready.


Even the cat was happy

It was one of those unexpectedly good weekends.
One full of family and mugs of tea.
Where we ate cake and flapjacks in the garden and dodged wasps.
A weekend with a houseful and a very happy dog.

The cat was rather pleased too,
which is quite something knowing her 'usual prickly purr-sonality' ...
 Although Eldest was away due to work commitments,
we kept in touch and sent him loads of photos.
The weather wasn't that brilliant,
nor are the photographs
but the memories will be :)

Happy Monday