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Monday Morning Mumblings

A grey, wet and windy Monday - at the moment I am the only one downstairs. Half the pack are still curled up in their beds (including Moss who went back to bed after breakfast!) and the other half have set off for work. Some stumbling out muttering dark things about missing hi-viz jackets and unlaced boots and others throwing back their coffee as they careen out checking pockets for keys .... the rumble of the car, then silence.

Just the purr and bird-like chirps of a frustrated-with-the-weather cat. She keeps climbing up on to me, staring deeply into my eyes and letting me know how disappointed she is in me in not switching off the rain and turning the sun back on  ... if only, dear sweet Pepper, if only I could.
Over the weekend the continual rain drove us to do indoor chores and apart from baking the most ExCeLlEnT!- Rhubarb and Lemon curd cake, I've been sewing - not something I usually do. Moss seems pleased with her new bed I've sewn to go into the van - she keeps trying it out for size!  Just need to sort out the fastenings then it is done :)
On the crochet front, my third SSSB inspired blanket is now done - also for the van, but at the moment it is being put to good use in the house. But as soon as we can, the blankie, the dog bed and us will get Zeb on the road for some mini-adventures. 
 I have started a behive-honeycomb lapghan in shades of creams, yellows and grey - which is taking a surprisingly long time to assemble. Each little hexi only takes about three minutes to make and they are a joy to do, but the assembly is a slow process - enjoyable but slow. The plan is once I have completed the crochet part of the lapghan, it will be stitched to a cream fleecy backing to make it all the warmer and snugglier. It was intended to be completed for an early June birthday pressie, but now almost July ... I need to get on somewhat as it has now turned into a 'welcome to your new home' pressie (oops)

❁ ❃ ✾ ✿

Thank you everyone who joined in with this month's Scavenger hunt - a really really good selection of photos and stories, I enjoyed every one!

I have thought long and hard about July's words, they would have to be good to live up to the list for June, so here is hoping that they do.

Something purple
Shades of green
Starts with  .... F
Still life
Snapped at this moment
My own choice

This month's are very open to interpretation - for example 'Snapped at this moment' could be anything ranging from a quick snap you take 'right now' to something you took years ago which stands out for you - a wedding photo or a baby's first steps or seconds before some fell into the river! 

Remember, these words are more of a suggestion than prescriptive and if you can think 'out of the box' all the better - have fun, be inspired and we will share and show our words and pictures on Friday July 31st.

Have a lovely start to your week - what ever the weather xxxxx 


Welcome to June's Scavenger Hunt! 
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Flaming June #30dayswild 25

My garden
An oasis of green and calm,
where I can lose myself for hours.

Partly due to the glorious summer
and partly due to my attentions,
this year - I have 'fireworks' happening!

During the heat of this week, a thirsty and hot bumblebee
needed a sweetened drink and a rest.
It was wonderful seeing it bumble off once it had recovered.

Solstice sunset - magical.

Something Wild
On Thursday, whilst out walking, we spotted this heron
preening it's post hunt feathers,
completely ignoring anyone walking on the canal towpath.

My own choice(s)
More from my soul-space,
my oasis.

June has been beautiful here in the northern hemisphere,
hope it has been good for you too xxx


Notes #30dayswild 24

Notes on a walk...

I can feel the welling up of excitement both by the dog and myself as we turn up the quiet single track lane. We've not been up here in a little while, certainly since lockdown and now we can drive somewhere to walk - this was the first place Himself wanted to go. Very often we are the only ones at the top on the old quarry car park and we hoped that today, it would be the same. Understandably there are several cars already parked but not a person in sight - all were out on the hills either on foot or on bikes, we park up in wonderful solitude. I fling the door open and listen ....

The cry of a curlew - an eerie mewling sound - rolls over the moorland grasses carried by the whispering breath of a light breeze. Further away the repetitive 'pewit ...pewit ... pewit' of the lapwing fade as the bird drops down into a shallow valley.  Above, the duelling melodic song of territorial skylarks fills the air. (As I type this, I close my eyes and I can hear the breeze wrapping around birds song and I find I am smiling).

As soon as our boots are on, Moss's lead is ready, our haversacs packed, we set off - each step a wonderful release - this is our first 'proper' hill walk for over three months. Oh - we've walked nearly every day, some times multiple short dogs loops, sometimes longer jaunts but they have all been from home. But this, this was a 'proper' walk!

I look over at Himself, he is grinning - as am I. There and then, we stop and laughing hug each other, and Moss, sensing our pleasure at being 'out' and on the hills seems to understand and shuffles closely, wagging happily as she tries to get as close as possible to the 'pack group hug'. She understands.

Although the sky is heavy with dark clouds, both the weather report and our good moods suggest that today is going to be amazing - and it is.

The miles steadily fall beneath our feet, the paths feel both familiar yet new - the views are old friends and we want to reach out and say hello. At our first break, we find a rocky outcrop to perch on, stretching out our legs on the summer grass and share a scone and icy cold water.
We'd eaten our lunch in Zeb (our vantastic advanture van) - delighting being able to concoct a freshly made couscous salad and eating it with a mug of piping hot tea - a.b.s.o.l.u.t.e bliss!

The last of the scone crumbs are brushed off our chins and our warm feet now well rested, we get up and continue towards the horizon.

In a day of many delights, one magical moment stands out. Two hares frolicking joyously across the hillside. We crouch down and watch, mouths open, captivated as they bound around reeds at high speed. They leap and buck over each other, flinging their back legs gleefully. Then as one, they both stop, nibble grass and quietly lope as if the madness that had just preceded had not happened.  They continue to nibble between the reeds, the grazing ewes and lambs and we sit and watch and whisper about what we had just witnessed! Perfect.

Our walk, a huge meandering circle finally stops at Zeb. Boots off, biscuits and water for Moss, tea for us and then - luxury of luxuries, we lounge on the double bed watching the view we had just walked through.

We quietly tick off what we'd seen and heard ....

Curlews, lapwings, skylarks, buzzards, kestrels, corvids, starlings, sparrows, mallards, gulls, meadow pipits, chaffinch, stonechat, oystercatchers, pied wagtails, hares, squirrels (grey) ...

....I am not sure if I mentioned it was a good day xx

#30dayswild #staywild #walk1000miles


Summer Solstice 2020 #30dayswild 20

 As the seasons turn and the sun reaches its highest and northern most point in the sky - we celebrate summer solstice and welcome the official start of summer here in the northern hemisphere. The North Pole is at it's maximum tilt of 23.5 degrees-ish facing the Sun which results in the longest day and shortest night.

And we have celebrated the day by being out walking in the most glorious light.
This was also the first time we have been out in our converted van - Zeb.
Not fully decorated but all functioning and ready to play!
As was Moss, she was so so ready for a walk out (mind you - so were we..!)

The views just pulled us in,  
The sky filled our eyes and the bird song filled our soul.

 We sat for a breather, listened to the sounds,
felt the warm breeze,
tasted the damp humid air
Our pathway took us through wonderfully billowing meadows,
below a mobile sky.

 I swear I heard Moss laugh out loud with glee

Then after several wonderful cathartic hours
and many miles,
we returned to Zeb,
put on the kettle,
then sat comfortably and just soaked up the atmosphere.

Then, reluctantly we tore ourselves away,
to head home.

I think I must have smiled all the way home -
another wonderful day
spent on the hills
and with Himself
and Moss.

Solstice blessings


Herbs #30dayswild 18

What the lockdown restrictions gifted me was time.
Time to think, 
time to walk (as per the government guidelines),
and gave me more time to garden and to create. 
As a whole, my garden is rather shade heavy - we are surrounded by mature trees, 
not all our own so we have very little control as to their shade cover 
but we do what we can and I grow about 90% of my vegetables and salad in my greenhouse.
However, I have always wanted a 'pallet' garden near the kitchen door 
so I can just pop out for herbs and salad when I am cooking. 
I chatted with Himself and lo and behold a few days later 
he found me two lovely pallets.  
With a bit of a discussion we worked out what needed removing 
and how to make a base for each layer and within the hour 
I had two little multi-story-herb-gardens up on our kitchen wall!
Now, you might wonder what this has to do with #30dayswild and #staywild, 
well, as I started to fill each little bed with soil 
I thought that it would be a good idea to alternate the salad and herb crops with bee friendly plants.  
Now that everything is growing so happily, 
I suspect that the salad and herbs are in the minority 
as the wild flowers and pollinator friendly flowers take over! 
But I don't mind, they make me smile each time I walk past them.
 And these little beds bask in sunlight for most of the day 
just calling out to bees and hoverflies to come and play!
 As you can see, one is black and the other - not quite fully !
They were made at the time when our local DIY store was closed 
and we just used what we had,

however, when they did open, 
they did not have the same black wood stain.
We are now just waiting for...

1. the correct stuff to come back on the shelves
2. the rain to stop!
But at the rate the plants are growing - it might be a job for autumn