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Snapshots #30dayswild

Our walk ... 
Dry warm air making grass inflorescences undulate across the pasture
Too warm to care, despite the rough and ready shorn-short coat
A small Rowan bravely attempting to grow in a hollowed out wooden gate post
Welcome shade along a dusty track 
This way!
Wallowing in the secret field drain we know - perfect way to cool down
Dusty boots and the view we have just walked through 
Hot and happy dog - still slightly damp from her wallowing
Cinnamon coffee
Essential dog walking nibbles
Fields of cotton grass on Crow Hill
An avalanche of hawthorn blossom
Sweet sweet shade with a stream waiting at the bottom
Good to see that government health advice is being adhered to.....

Dear walk - you made my heart sing, you filled me with joy, you were perfect. 
Thank you.

#30DaysWild  #staywild


  1. What a beautiful walk. Walks like that are good for the soul.

  2. Enjoyment plus, even for me, tagging along digitally. Even with no rain & warm temperatures, your flora is still looking good & Moss can still take a little dip to cool off. Thanks Kate, stay safe & huggles.

  3. A lovely spirit raising walk

  4. Wonderful. I could have done with that secret drain to wallow in yesterday 😄

  5. Great to see pictures of where you live, especially the wild hills. Beautiful pictures of Moss as ever. She's very photogenic! Cinnamon coffee flask - now there's an idea. Love the statue with its mask.

  6. A walk is good for the soul. X

  7. Beautiful countryside, thank you for taking me through it this morning.

  8. Wonderful walk, beautiful pictures, thank you for taking us all with you x

  9. I agree with everyone, a great walk. You can't go wrong with the This Way pointer; never seen one like that before. Pity the weather looks set to become poor!

  10. Perfect ... delightful sights I have enjoyed seeing, thank you.

  11. Came across a little oak tree growing out of a fence post like this, the day before yesterday.


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