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There are some people that slip into your life,
their words resonate,
a photo they share or comment they say,
 makes you sit up and think -
Yes, I agree.
There are people that, without even really knowing them,
you find you have a connection,
a link. 
On Wednesday Thursday last week (I got my dates mixed ever so slightly...oops)
I met up with someone who I'd met/knew through blogging
and her precious dog's amazing ears
We'd planned this for nearly two years, 
life, as ever conspired against our little jolly out
but this time - we agreed -
  if we don't do it now, 
we may never.
I have found that due to 'this and that' , I have lost my some of my bullet proof ,
so to step out of my safe zone and meet some one that, although
we have spoken, emailed, commented on each others lives
for a while -
was a little unsettling. 
Until I was given such a bear hug by a beautiful lady
that it all felt right.
And it was. 
We walked,
we talked (boy did we talk)
we splooshed through a steam with a giddy dog,
who after the initial gentle introduction
just accepted a new person to her small pack. 
Gifts and nibbles are a wonderful way to a woofles little heart,
and this particular woofle loved her day out.
She was not the only one.
One hour of walking and talking turned in to nearly seven.
Now, that can't be bad. 
 Then, once home, once fed,
this happy little dog,
fell asleep after an amazing day,
She slept well that night.

And us?
Well, we agreed that we would do it again.

And we will xxxxx


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June's photos and words

They meant it!
That small dot of light - the exit.....

Her ears are best seen with the light from behind, then a secret stash of spots appear.
Apart from the two dark ones on her right ear, none can be seen from the 'outside' unless the light shows through.

One from the archives. Taken on the last day of an autumnal holiday up in Galloway (2016)

Starts with a K....
K.....is for Kelly Kettle
Also for..... me, walking near Kettlewell.

Himself - stopping to remove his boots, 
the next step was one too far and we had to wade through the water.

My own choice

Monday evening walk. 
Hazy sunset and curious cow.


Summer Solstice

We watched the sun go down.
Turning the sky from a clear blue to one streaked in gold and cerise.
We'd walked all afternoon, listening to birdsong, the wind through the trees, the rush and tumble of water.
We ate sitting alongside a deep blue fast flowing stream and watched water fowl as our small kelly kettle rattled up a steaming hot coffee.

It was just us. Him and me. (and a dilly-dog).

Summer Solstice blessings to you all - may the turning of the wheel bring gentle sunshine, warm friendships, love and laughter.


A word or two for June, beautiful June

Monday, Monday, so good to me Monday mornin´, it was all I hoped it would be. Tra la la la

Thank you everyone for joining in with the scavenger hunt photos - we had a couple of blogs who linked up but did not follow the list of words - so I thought I would give a gentle reminder how our game plays out :) 

I supply a list - a prompt of five words plus the option of 'my own choice'. Then, inspired by the list you interpret it as YOU please - think outside the box, think laterally, take photos and most importantly - have FUN! Some photos could be from your archives, some taken at the last moment!

Then, at the end of the month we all show and share our stories and photos (as inspired by the list) and I supply a link up party so we can all find each other and read and comment :)
Interestingly enough, this month the words 'seat' and 'view from that seat' were by in far the most popular - seats covered in snow, in full sunlight, carved in stone or made of wood - it was such a pleasure to read.

This month's words are:

Starts with a K
My Own Choice

And, today, as we were out walking - I found another bench with a view - in memory of a now deceased couple who used to linger along the river's edge that they loved so much.