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March 18 Scavenger photo hunt link up party

Welcome to the 3rd Scavenger Photo-hunt of 2018 -
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Late entry for the link up - Tigermouse - https://mousehouselife.wordpress.com/2018/03/30/scavenger-photo-hunt-march/

March's Madness - words and photos


I am a magpie, a collector of 'things' and of 'stuff' and 'magic' and of 'junk'
All of it treasure.
This knotty swirl of pine was found in a local stream and carefully brought home.
The pebble is from a windswept Scottish island beach
they were made for each other.


Reading Now

The Weir by Conor McPherson - it made my heart surge with sadness 
and 60 north -  which makes my heart skip a happy beat when it arrives through the letterbox :)

Black and white

Although not truly black and white - the shot of yellow gives it away.
It had been a most beautifully harsh and cruel week for the birds.
They trudged and hopped through deep snow as they looked for food and water.
This blackbird was waiting his turn at the water trough,
as the snow kept falling.

Starts with an ... H

I'd mused over this one, not sure what would fill this space, 
until I caught myself staring at my latest felted hare ... 
next to my 'HOME' wooden blocks.
With a small pink Heart on an ear ...

My own choice

This photo was almost going to be the 'Black and White' choice 
however, I felt I would lose Moss' intense stare if I changed her from colour into B&W, 
so here, for your pleasure - 
Moss doing her best to fill the brief and making me laugh at the same time! 

And if you wondered why she has a harlequin face... well, 
she was charging after her ball with such intense concentration 
that she failed to notice a huge muddy puddle. 

So, these are my words and photos for March :) Hope you enjoyed them, I am off now to see what you lovely lot have got up to xx


March Hare Madness

Whilst tidying today, 
I came across
a bag filled with snipperty bits of felt
and fabrics
I could feel a welling up of making-itis
and reached for a piece of paper,
scissors, pen and threads.
Snipping snipping,
soon two little hares
one gold coated and his chocolaty shadow.
Tiny blanket stitches,
tiny bits of floofy stuffing ...
soon my hare
looked a little less flat.
Little Hare had to choose his tail...
would it be a greeny grey one with spotty dots?
Would it be a pale yellow one with a little heart?
Or would a shade of blue look better with his coat of gold?
Whilst deciding the perfect tail,
who should I spot but two little fellows
made many years ago
by a very much younger
and smaller son.
I'd forgotten I'd stashed these precious little folk in my button box,
now - at least ten years later,
I am making my own little felty creature.
It made my heart squeeze with both love and nostalgia.
Meanwhile, Little Hare continued researching
the perfect tail
and decided on the one he wanted.
With tail firmly added,
Little Hare met his 'cousins'
and wondered if they would like to become broaches too. 
Then he hopped up on to my jersey,
settled down
and kept me company for the rest of the day. 
I might be looking for more snipperty bits of felt
to be inspired by.
I feel another bout of making-itis coming on.



looking for colour

It is such a dull day, 
the light is grey and thin.
Having to resort to creating my own inner sunshine.
I've done all that I have to do for the Easter Art Market tomorrow
and I have a meeting to go to shortly,
so just enough time to ...
Create what I am craving ... 
A bit of colour, 
while I wait for spring to catch up 
and fill the garden and the countryside
with colours of her own. 
 I'll wear these tomorrow,
with layers of socks and thermals
(plus MANY other such warm and cozy items)
Til the next time I pop in dear fellow colour seekers,
have a lovely weekend
and see colour 


Bitter winds blow

Today we awoke to a blanket of snow
and not to a particularly warm blanket
accompanied with a bitter wind.

Drifts up to our knees in parts of the garden.
having a coat of powdery white
makes the mundane
see extraordinarily beautiful
Seed heads 
become otherworldly.
Other garden paraphenalia
become coated
appear hawkish
feel raw

I knew this second icy blast was on her way
but still...
she is bitter,
sending a chilling howl around the house
and down the chimney.

In defiance - we went out
and despite floundering in the hip-height drifts
and feeling the icy-bite to our cheeks,
we have returned
feeling rejuvenated,
and ready for a mug of tea and Shetland oat biscuits.

Welcome to my new followers - thank you for visiting my part of the blogisphere, it good to see you here. 

I have had a couple of emails asking me if I am ok as I don't seem to blog as regularly or as much as before, thank you for your kind concerns, I do feel to be busy at the moment but must let you know that I am also active elsewhere on the tintersphere.
I can be found here kjsutcliffe artist (which is my FB art page) and TAM - trawden artist makers, a community art page I do. 
My own page is for my art and studio plus updates and photos from the markets and fayres I attend and the TAM page is about a collaborative of artists and what we get up to - I would love to see you over there :)  I also have an art blog,  but like this one it has been a little neglected, something I will rectify once I have caught up with all the arty things I have to complete before the next art market I am participating in.


Sunday Sunday - so good to me

Sunday - you were great to spend time with.
You wore a lingering scent of spring.
The streams were full and burbling 
sounding like laughter

You were wearing your loveliest smile,
sharing your happiness with us. 
 Sunday, I really loved spending time with you :)

Sunday - you showed me that
 I must always find time for things 
that make me feel happy to be alive

thank you x


First day of spring ...

S'funny really.
This weather lark.

A few days ago it seemed that spring was quietly tip-tip-toeing in. Subtle hints of buds and birds evermore present. Seemingly dormant twigs tentatively presenting shoots and tiny leaves. There was an optimistic effervescence in the air.

This happened. 
A swirling mass of bitterly cold winds carrying snow and ice 
coating everything in a thick layer of white. 
Reminding us that winter has not yet left and she is definitely having the last hurrah.
Decided I will quietly hibernate rather than paint. 
Drink tea, listen to the wind singing around the house and down the chimney. 
Plan some sketches on new slates, book more art fayres and dream of spring.
And you?
How are you dealing with this natural but stark reminder 
that the weather is not to be underestimated?
If you are sharing these icy conditions - take care,
stay safe, keep warm.


Edited to add: went back to the painting - except I stayed indoors rather than go to the studio - the paints were calling rather loudly!