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Good bye November

Never mind good bye November -hasn't this year in general just suddenly slipped away?

It has, for me, been a year of contrasts and conflict, of changes of direction and new beginnings and now I find myself busy painting and stamping and not just for pleasure but for commissions and gifts - whodathunkit?

Any hoo,  gentle reminder that tomorrow is the kick off of chrimbly crafting and counting (joining in with Julie's Advent) I hope that you are inspired to try some of the crafts that will appear daily until the 24th December.

In the meantime, if you will excuse me, I must get back to painting (difficult with a cat wanting to sit on my lap and a dog asleep under my feet) as my list of commissions gently grows daily! Yay!!

Talk about the pawsonal attention to detail that Pepper insists on giving ...


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November's words and waffle

Not strictly a menu as you would imagine but still an inviting list of desirable things. The boys and I had been walking and had got very cold, wet and muddy. So when we saw this little sign wafting in the breeze we did not need to be told twice. We shot round the back of the pretty cottage into an even prettier garden to see the cellar had been converted into a mini antiques shop and cafe and inside we could see a roaring fire.
Oh yes! We could get out of the rain and warm up!
However, when the proprietor took one look at us in our walking gear and muddy and bedraggled state she very firmly told us we could sit out in the garden or take-it-away. Oh. Warm fire thoughts dashed away. We chose to sit in the garden, selected what we wanted then went back out - the sun broke through the clouds and we sat - still damp and muddy - in glorious sunshine as we ate chocolate cake and drank huge mugs of tea - bliss!

You know when you have one of those quite surreal moments that, after the initial surprised silence, you burst out laughing?
Well, this was one of those moments. We were travelling back from our holiday and stopped on a quiet high moorland road to allow the dog a leg stretch and us lunch. Parking places along the narrow track were few and far between, so when we finally saw one, we pulled over and all piled out of the car.
One of the boys noticed 'something' tied to the parking sign and curious when over to check. We all did. After that brief moment of quiet, with just moorland birds song drifting with the brisk breeze, we all laughed out loud as we asked each other ... who on earth would leave a CD album cable-tied to a lonely sign in the 'middle of nowhere' and that particular one??? 

I had an image in mind when I was searching my photos and despite sort of knowing which year and where I was, I have not been able to locate it. Then, I rediscovered this one. Taken in 2014 when we went to visit the Antony Gormley's 'Another Place'. As we walked along the sands looking at the sculptures, I was captured by another trail. Two horses had been ridden up, then back down the beach and I was tickled by the size of their feet! It made my boot look quite small next to their shoe imprint. I loved how the even the 'frog' left an impression in the sand.

In my hand
I have a weakness for feathers. I love their light and airy nature. I collect them, paint them, paint on them. I marvel at the variety - fluffy, plumed, strong, patterned or plain. And - more than anything, I love finding these small natural pieces of magical beauty left on the moors, on the beach or on roads sides.

Macro (close up)
I am long sighted and if I need to do close work, I reluctantly have to reach for my glasses. However, I take photos without them and it is more often than not, it is only when I get home and load the images on to the computer I realise that I have more than I originally thought in the picture frame - just got to love the surprise of it all!

I've shared this one before, it is of our little encampment high up on a moorlandy hill overlooking a mist filled sleeping valley. Quietly as the skies paled but before the sun rose above the horizon, Himself and I climbed a little stiffly out of our tent and clutching a mug of tea each, walked up behind our tents to a small ridge - to take in the view. Our boys were still asleep and the only sounds we could be heard were our quiet breathing, the tentative sips of a hot brew and the occasional bird song in the far distance. For me it is, and will be forever, a very special moment in time.

This view was of our last evening on Uist. None of us wanted it to end. We stayed on the beach until we could barely see before reluctantly returning to the campfield. As it got darker, the sky became more and more intensified and the small fishing vessel quietly disappeared into the gloom. It was a magical holiday on a special little island - I hope we can return.

Starts with ... H
Hat. Or in this photo - Hats! We visited an open garden as part of the 'Yellow Book of Gardens' which helps raise funds for charities. It was a lovely hot day and the garden was very unusual with lots of sculptures and garden rooms. Hidden in one of the corners was this little summer house, full of vintage sporting equipment and an amazing array of hats!

I have, all over my table, a selection of tools. Lino-cutting blades, pencils, paintbrushes, pen knife.  (I have also, all over my table, the resulting trimmings, cuttings and shavings!)

My own choice
One day when I grow up, I will live by the sea, so I can see the reflections, taste the salty air, feel the sand between my toes, watch the storms, hear the waves and built sand castles (in my dreams) so until then, I have to live vicariously through our summer holidays then reminisce with the photos. This wreck is the schooner - Monreith of Wigtown, in Kirkcudbright Bay. One of our favourite picnic sites and when the tide is out, a lovely if not a little slippery walk out to visit the wreck which ran aground in November 1900.

This will be our final Photo Scavenger Hunt for 2016 - 
it has been brilliant fun 
and everyone who participated has really stepped up to the mark.
Thank you so much for joining in!



In which I am not knitting

Friday today :)

And what has been happening?
Well ...

Been busy painting,
not been knitting,
Been busy carving a stamp ....
twice ...coz the first time I forgot to do it in reverse ... sigh,
not been knitting,
been watching the snow,
not been knitting.

And you?
What have you been up to?
Go on, I love to hear what has kept you busy!

Happy FRIDAto you all



Today is all about ...

 Firstly hello to all my new followers,
welcome to my little corner of the world,
I hope you enjoy the ride :)

There's a dog asleep on my feet
and a coffee waiting to be drunk...
I've been painting
and been commissioned to do a set as a gift...
I've sold a few too!
and I've been baking 
coz we've got our knit and natter here this afternoon.

D'you know something? 

I'm rather looking forward to our get together - we don't do a lot of knitting, let's be honest! 
But we do natter and we do put the world to rights 
(well ... ok ok may be not that) 
but we try.
PS don't forget our final Scavenger Photo Hunt of the year - LINK
and a gentle reminder that December is all about chrimbly crafting!
You are all most welcome to join in 
with the daily posts on simple gifts, for quick bakes, for fun and decorations.
Some of the items you will have done yourself over the years,
hopefully others will be new and inspire you!


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While I wait ...

Sitting at my desk, half listening to some ditsy guest on the radio effusively gushing about something or other, it is dark and overcast this morning.

Not good light to paint.

We've been spoilt recently with autumn's most delicious clear light so today's insipid grey glow isn't that inspiring. (insert image of fed-up-face - any one's will do then you will see what mood I am channelling!)  So, rather than get frustrated I shall get on with photographing and blogging December's tutorials.

I have been asked a few questions about them already so I shall try and answer them here :

Are you still doing the Christmas/Advent counting down?

Yes, I every year I post a photograph with a number and a story and more recently I have linked up with Julie's Scrapbook through out the month of December. This year I shall still be doing my countdown but with added daily festive tutorials right up to chrimbly eve! (What was I thinking?? - no - it will be fun :))

Will I be able to do these tutorials? Will they be too difficult?

I have tried to ensure each one can be done in an hour, two hours, afternoon and in one extreme case - in a day. I have tried to ensure that most of the crafts can be made from things you will already have at home. I love the idea of recycling or reclaiming items and reusing them.  My chrimbly crafting plan is to provide a quick gift suggestion,  last minute decoration or fun afternoon of playing. (some items do require 'drying time' but I do include that in the instructions).

Can children do them?

Some will need some form of adult supervision  or intervention, only you know their ability, however a lot of them are definitely child friendly. December is a time for snipping and glue and sticky fingers and glitter and baking :)

What do you have planned?

Quick gifts
Decorations - for the tree, for the table, for the house and outside
Festive containers - for gifts, as wrapping

How will the tutorials be given?

I will list what you need, give hints and tips and suggest optional extras. Photographs of the steps and the finished item and where I can, I will include links for templates and further suggestions.

I hope this gives you some idea of what to expect and really hope that you join in. Some of the makes you will have made yourself over the years and others will be hopefully new and inspiring!  As we go along, I would love love love to see what you do, so do share and link so we can all see and join in :)

Right, the light is not looking any better -
so painting will have to wait,
crafting here I come!!

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I am...

I am ...

Sitting knitting chrimbly gift number three (go me!)

I am ...

Listening to the radio as we try to muffle the sounds of a continual barrage of fireworks (the dog and cats are not best pleased at the invasion).

I am ...

Writing, photographing and creating my chrimbly crafting tutorials which will be starting as from the first of December - Himself has muttered things under his breath about chrimbly arriving a month too early in our house!

I am ...
Quietly pleased that I have both my boys home (the last few weekends I seem to have only had one son or the other).

And you?


November's words

Hello November, you have landed with an icy bang.  
Overnight you smothered October's sublime gentle sunshine and comforting warmth 
with your chilly grey skies and cutting to-the-bone winds. 

The trees are losing their leaves revealing not only their branches 
but the roe deer that secretly live beneath them.
Today the clouds hung low and the air was filled with November's damp breath. 
My fingers were brittle as I tried to do a last few end of season chores in the walled garden. 
I was very glad to be home with the fire chuckling away 
while my hands thawed around 
a much wanted mug of tea.

So, as my brain gently warmed up, I began to think about November's words. 
Hmm. Right - here goes, last month produced some amazing photos and stories, 
I think our best selection so far, however, as this list will be the last of 2016 
(December is full enough without rushing around hunting for photos!) 
let's have another excellent month of pictures and anecdotes!

A photograph inspired by a word, words inspired by the photos - November 's Scavenger photo-hunt list - enjoy!
  1. Menu
  2. Album
  3. Shoe
  4. In my hand
  5. Macro (close up)
  6. Morning
  7. Rule of thirds
  8. Starts with ... H
  9. Tools
  10. My own choice
I will post a reminder in a week or so - any queries, just get in contact :)

Remember to think laterally, interpret as YOU fancy,
be it a current photo or a favourite one from your past. 
We'll reconvene and post our words and photos on Friday 25th November.

Have fun!


In which there will be cake and biscuits, cats and dogs.

On a nippy clear blue-sky autumnal day,
what is a running, laughing, happy dog to do? ...
Where lanes are cool and muddy 
and the air fresh and crisp...
You go for a swim of course.
In icy cool spring water, 
where you can lie chin deep,
your tail floats
and your paws go numb with cold.
Then, having reached this happy state of partially frozen,
you get out, shake your fur
and start all over again!
I, on the other hand as a human,
plan a quick baking session,
a flick around with the vacuum,
A filling of the kettle
 and serving biscuits and cakes,
and why should I be doing that?
Well, after a long break - a far too long-a-break,
our knit and natter group
will be getting together and
we're going to be a-knitting,
and of course
And there will be a rather special show and tell -
two beautiful
Attic24 blankets.
They will be whirled,
they will be twirled,
they will be much admired.
Sssshh another chrimbly pressie will be knitted..
Blankets for rescue cats and kittens will be crocheted,
The cast on row for winter dog-walking-mitts will grow.
Casting off of the rescued and unfinished lace knitted scarf  scarf will happen,
another rescue cat blanket will sit on a knee 
knowing that each cat rescued will be given a blanket,
and when rehomed,
the blanket goes too-
what a lovely thought xx 
 A beautifully crocheted on the diagonal
new baby blanket will get that little bigger...
in such happy colours. 
 The starting of hand stitching of festive tree trimming,
a bunting of holly leaves and berries.
There will be the most delicious shades of blue, 
no not just the crocheted and knitted head band,
but also the hair and nails.
And a finally, there will be a last look
at two yummy stripey crochet blankety goodness!
There will be cake and biscuits to eat,
tea and coffee to drink.
Yes, I think our knit and natter afternoon
is going to be a good one :)

And the dog?
well, she and the cat 
will decide that they would really 
like to be a part of the afternoon.
I am pretty sure they will be involved.