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Today is all about ...

 Firstly hello to all my new followers,
welcome to my little corner of the world,
I hope you enjoy the ride :)

There's a dog asleep on my feet
and a coffee waiting to be drunk...
I've been painting
and been commissioned to do a set as a gift...
I've sold a few too!
and I've been baking 
coz we've got our knit and natter here this afternoon.

D'you know something? 

I'm rather looking forward to our get together - we don't do a lot of knitting, let's be honest! 
But we do natter and we do put the world to rights 
(well ... ok ok may be not that) 
but we try.
PS don't forget our final Scavenger Photo Hunt of the year - LINK
and a gentle reminder that December is all about chrimbly crafting!
You are all most welcome to join in 
with the daily posts on simple gifts, for quick bakes, for fun and decorations.
Some of the items you will have done yourself over the years,
hopefully others will be new and inspire you!


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  1. The biscuits look yummy! send some my way........

    Julie xxxxxxxx

  2. Those moon coasters are just brilliant, where are you selling and how much are you selling them for?

  3. The coasters are beautiful. You are a very talented lady. I hope the knit and natter was a success. X

  4. Something so comforting about watching a dog who knows they are safe and that it is OK to be deeply and happily asleep :)

  5. I have never seen the like of your biscuit cutter before....what a good idea!

  6. Knit and Natter was fun and Moss was the perfect co-host and very well behaved......and the biscuits were delicious too. xx

  7. Beyond original.....do like the coasters!!! The moon ones particularly! Is that slate?

    keep well

    Amanda xx

  8. Stunning coasters and such a clever lady. Hope your knit & natter went well, but along with contented dog, yarny happenings & putting the world to rights, you forgot to mention eating. The bikkies look delicious. Take care.

  9. The cookies look yummy, I love the coasters you have painted! a knitting group with lots of natter sounds perfect.

  10. gorgeous. Let me know how much you want for coasters as I'd like you to do some for me too xx

  11. Your posts and creativity just get better! Both sets of coasters are to-die-for. Did not try one of your biscuits yesterday but they would have been excellent! Keep crafting.


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