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November's words and waffle

Not strictly a menu as you would imagine but still an inviting list of desirable things. The boys and I had been walking and had got very cold, wet and muddy. So when we saw this little sign wafting in the breeze we did not need to be told twice. We shot round the back of the pretty cottage into an even prettier garden to see the cellar had been converted into a mini antiques shop and cafe and inside we could see a roaring fire.
Oh yes! We could get out of the rain and warm up!
However, when the proprietor took one look at us in our walking gear and muddy and bedraggled state she very firmly told us we could sit out in the garden or take-it-away. Oh. Warm fire thoughts dashed away. We chose to sit in the garden, selected what we wanted then went back out - the sun broke through the clouds and we sat - still damp and muddy - in glorious sunshine as we ate chocolate cake and drank huge mugs of tea - bliss!

You know when you have one of those quite surreal moments that, after the initial surprised silence, you burst out laughing?
Well, this was one of those moments. We were travelling back from our holiday and stopped on a quiet high moorland road to allow the dog a leg stretch and us lunch. Parking places along the narrow track were few and far between, so when we finally saw one, we pulled over and all piled out of the car.
One of the boys noticed 'something' tied to the parking sign and curious when over to check. We all did. After that brief moment of quiet, with just moorland birds song drifting with the brisk breeze, we all laughed out loud as we asked each other ... who on earth would leave a CD album cable-tied to a lonely sign in the 'middle of nowhere' and that particular one??? 

I had an image in mind when I was searching my photos and despite sort of knowing which year and where I was, I have not been able to locate it. Then, I rediscovered this one. Taken in 2014 when we went to visit the Antony Gormley's 'Another Place'. As we walked along the sands looking at the sculptures, I was captured by another trail. Two horses had been ridden up, then back down the beach and I was tickled by the size of their feet! It made my boot look quite small next to their shoe imprint. I loved how the even the 'frog' left an impression in the sand.

In my hand
I have a weakness for feathers. I love their light and airy nature. I collect them, paint them, paint on them. I marvel at the variety - fluffy, plumed, strong, patterned or plain. And - more than anything, I love finding these small natural pieces of magical beauty left on the moors, on the beach or on roads sides.

Macro (close up)
I am long sighted and if I need to do close work, I reluctantly have to reach for my glasses. However, I take photos without them and it is more often than not, it is only when I get home and load the images on to the computer I realise that I have more than I originally thought in the picture frame - just got to love the surprise of it all!

I've shared this one before, it is of our little encampment high up on a moorlandy hill overlooking a mist filled sleeping valley. Quietly as the skies paled but before the sun rose above the horizon, Himself and I climbed a little stiffly out of our tent and clutching a mug of tea each, walked up behind our tents to a small ridge - to take in the view. Our boys were still asleep and the only sounds we could be heard were our quiet breathing, the tentative sips of a hot brew and the occasional bird song in the far distance. For me it is, and will be forever, a very special moment in time.

This view was of our last evening on Uist. None of us wanted it to end. We stayed on the beach until we could barely see before reluctantly returning to the campfield. As it got darker, the sky became more and more intensified and the small fishing vessel quietly disappeared into the gloom. It was a magical holiday on a special little island - I hope we can return.

Starts with ... H
Hat. Or in this photo - Hats! We visited an open garden as part of the 'Yellow Book of Gardens' which helps raise funds for charities. It was a lovely hot day and the garden was very unusual with lots of sculptures and garden rooms. Hidden in one of the corners was this little summer house, full of vintage sporting equipment and an amazing array of hats!

I have, all over my table, a selection of tools. Lino-cutting blades, pencils, paintbrushes, pen knife.  (I have also, all over my table, the resulting trimmings, cuttings and shavings!)

My own choice
One day when I grow up, I will live by the sea, so I can see the reflections, taste the salty air, feel the sand between my toes, watch the storms, hear the waves and built sand castles (in my dreams) so until then, I have to live vicariously through our summer holidays then reminisce with the photos. This wreck is the schooner - Monreith of Wigtown, in Kirkcudbright Bay. One of our favourite picnic sites and when the tide is out, a lovely if not a little slippery walk out to visit the wreck which ran aground in November 1900.

This will be our final Photo Scavenger Hunt for 2016 - 
it has been brilliant fun 
and everyone who participated has really stepped up to the mark.
Thank you so much for joining in!



  1. Great set of photos to finish this year's scavenger hunt challenges. Choosing my favourite one was so easy - Rule of thirds! Great photo. I too could live by the coast, a lonely part as opposed to the likes of Blackpool!

  2. Thoughtful, engaging and insightful - what a lovely choice of pictures and words; thank you for sharing these, and all the other wonderful scavenger hunts this year.

  3. What a lovely selection of pictures. Hard to choose my favourite, I love the Rule of Thirds and Morning, but perhaps the outstanding one for me is your last one, the stillness of the water with the reflecting spars of the old wreck are such a contrast with peace and tranquillity and the violence of what ever caused the ship to be wrecked. xx

  4. Beautiful photos. I must join in sometime soon. Had to smile. One of your scavenger hunt photos could be of another scavenger hunt. The CD looks like a clue for one, or maybe a geocache puzzle.

  5. your pictures are wonderful x sorry I didn't join in this month (again...) but I've loved looking at yours x

  6. Been looking at your photographs again and think that 50 Shades of Grey CD may well be a clue as suggested by Cheryl but what on earth was the clue?!! The mind boggles!! xx

  7. Lovely photos. The fifty shades of grey made me smile.

    Julie xxxxxxxx

  8. ....just to add not very welcoming of the tea-shop owner though

    Julie xxxxxxxxxx

  9. I love them all and tried to link up, but am too late once again, but have posted mine now. My favourite is probably your macro, although it was hard to pick. I can't see my photos well until I get them onto the computer either. Thanks for the exciting end to each month with this hunt. I've loved it. Take care.


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