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Cat dominanace

Himself, a little while ago, built a 'sky-walk' for our girls in our covered back yarden. It gives them that feeling of superiority over us.

They walk high above us in typical snooty cat-style looking down upon us mere mortals.
To add to the adventure, their 'cat-walk' goes around the three walls at different heights with steps and little spaces to either jump over or recline on.

 Pan, in particular loves being up there, watching us and any one else walking by. She can spend hours with half closed eyes and an inscrutable look on her face whilst having deep and meaningful cat thoughts.
 Or she could be just sleeping.....
To get these 'cat-eye-level' pictures, I had to stand on a chair!

What do you do to pander to your pet's whims?
What little indulgences do you cater for?
Go on share your ideas, spill your whimsical creations for your creatures!


Tangerine dreams

We have had some strange weather recently.

We had this AmAAAAAzing coloured sky the other day - a most incredible orange!

The last time I saw skies with this shade of brilliant apricot-flush was, when living in Africa, the sunsets would set the evening alight as the last of the sunlight filtered through the red dust of the day, making everything positively flame coloured.

 As the evening went on and the ether in the atmosphere intensified -  the colour deepened.
Can you see a hint of a rainbow? The atmosphere was positively electric. 

Further to the west the sky deepened in shade
See that small light flash above that roof top? 
That light area was a hint of the normal evening sky as it tried to slip into the picture.

This spectacular sky display lasted about 20 minutes then faded. We had no accompanying rain just a hint of distant thunder. Later on during the week, I mentioned in passing to a colleague at work about our tangerine dream coloured sky and she explained that they'ed had been under that thunder and lightening with a massive deluge like nothing they'ed seen in years. WoW!

And you? 
Seen any strange coloured  skies?
Witnessed or been in a storm recently?

I have!! Have you?


A lunchtime spot of colour

On and off all week we have had torrential rain with brief flashes of brilliant bright sunlight - Friday was no different.

As I left the village with my windscreen wipers zipping back and forth I peered through the wet window. A few short minutes later as I turned into the neighbouring village incredibly the sun appeared with such force and exuberance making the autumnal trees just GlOw with sunlight - I just HAD to stop and grab my camera.

Just LOOK as those GloRIous colours!!

Each leaf dripping wet just RADIATED colour!

That blue sky behind this tree was as brief as a blink as by my third photograph I took
the clouds flew back in and dumped another lake's worth of water, invading my lunch hour.

The Rowan berries were incandescent against the neon yellow of the autumnal leaves.

It was just magical!!


S'funny what you see......

.......On the way to Hebden Bridge.

There was a bit of a traffic jam.
 We slowed down to almost a stop.
 Just passing time chewing the cud.
 No moving this lot, we had to carefully drive around them.
 A definite road block.
 There was no hurrying done today.
 No need to rush.
Life in the slow lane.
Never mind,
just look at those eye lashes!

Now for the knito'clock news - I have cast on something new and I can't wait to knit it but study and work have to take precedence - grrrrr, never mind I manage a row or two at work during lunch.

Tried to take photos today but seeing the rain was flying horizontally and leaves were dancing on the breeze, I decided to give that a miss :)

What slowed you down this weekend?
Have you been travelling in the slow lane?
What new things have you cast on?
Go on share - I love to hear from you.

Welcome to my new followers - lovely to 'meet' you, will pop over and visit your blogs soon xxxxxx


Another happy TA DA!

Happy Happy HAPPY!

I've actually worn my latest ta da-s for a couple of days now AND I have started a second pair (not for me but a sweet friend at work)

My version of  Purl Bee's cuffed mitts.

The second pair are more tweedy as my sweet friend loves her tweed jacket and earthy colours, she squealed her delight when I revealed the yarn I had chosen for her. 

And the view and the rocks?
My most wonderful view I have at lunch time.
I do 'knitting on the rocks'
I love it.

Now for the knitty gritty:

My mitts
Isle of Auskerry (grey) - left over stash
Rico Organic Chunky (brown) bought a couple of weekends ago here

Only coz I miss read the pattern - instead of garter stitch I knit the mitt parts in stocking stitch.
I also added a couple of rows around the fingers in the same chocolaty brown as the wristies.

HaPpINess Indicator?   Off the scale!


TA DA!! eventually...

Remember this?  
Last night I hooked the last few rows, wove in the ends, stitched my work into place and for the final finish - I crocheted a single row over the stitching to conclude my WIP.

Hap hap happily  I dressed a cushion in the new cover!  All I had to do was to  reach for the buttons and place them when...... well, I'll show you.

Notice the arrows?
Notice how the darker blue and cream on the right hand side is in front of the other panel?
Notice how the light blue and dark stripe on the left is ALSO in the front but on the top of the photo?
You would not have noticed though how I cussed and stomped off to the kitchen to scowl and complain bitterly to Himself about my stupidity.
I went to bed.
 This morning, after we'd sorted out a few home chores.... I carefully unpicked the stitches and the crochet.
 I then wove in all the cut threads, restitched and recrocheted the edges.
 Then, once again, I placed the cover back onto the cushion, placed the buttons and sewed them fast. Then....
 ...only then, did I stand back and finally mentally say 'Ta da!'

Poor light levels today haven't help the colour quality of the photos but I am happy :)

This evening, with the fire crackling away, a cat asleep on the hearth and me, on the settee with my new cushion cover, I cast on my next project!

Almost done - will share soon :)

Thank you for your lovely comments in the last few posts - receiving them makes my heart go squeeeeeee! at the thought of you out there reading my wafflings and taking the time to say something - thank you thank you thank you :)


Cheerio hips!

Last Sunday we bundled in to the car and drove up to Ingleton for the Ingleton Folk Festival. We parked up high above the small Dales town and followed a grassy path down the hill and joined the winding line as it squeezed through the jostling buildings.

We could hear strains of music drifting up and over our heads and we followed the sounds. As we walked through the old town I spied a lovely shop with buttons and fabrics, earrings and ethnic ornaments, a friendly shop-cat and pre-loved wool...yes - pre-loved wool. I alternatively stroked the cat and the wools. I left with some wool!
I have mittens or a squashy warm hat in mind.... 

Still listening to the music and walking down to the centre, Himself found a lovely little tea room. It would be such a shame to not have a look in.  It would be rude just to walk by and not even pop in. It would quite unkind to ignore the glorious cakes and magnificent meringues... So did the only thing we could... we went in.....

Oh the delicious cakes, the huge vanilla slices, the ginormous chocolate truffles and the positively mammoth meringues!
 We sipped tea out of vintage bone china tea cups.
 I loved the mixture of vintage and retro, modern and aged.
 And I loved oil cloth table cloth. 
We succumbed to pots of tea, creamy hot chocolate and freshly ground deep and dark coffee. The tea room was a visual feast too - bunting and vintage wall paper vying for attention with hand crafted toys and nick-nacks, knitted delights were cheek by jowl with tapestry pictures and antique china. Some items were for sale and others were there as decoration. 
The Frumenty and Fluffin from outside

 The interior was jam packed to bursting point with so many things that I don't think I saw everything.

I want to try and knit this little chap for Youngest - he ADORES pugs!
(Any one know of a pattern??)

PS I only had the tea - the meringues were just too much for me, so Himself and Eldest's Girlfriend did their best and only a few crumbs remained.

Oh yes, we never did get to see or hear any folk music.... we lingered in this and other little shops a little too long but what a wonderful afternoon we had!