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Cheerio hips!

Last Sunday we bundled in to the car and drove up to Ingleton for the Ingleton Folk Festival. We parked up high above the small Dales town and followed a grassy path down the hill and joined the winding line as it squeezed through the jostling buildings.

We could hear strains of music drifting up and over our heads and we followed the sounds. As we walked through the old town I spied a lovely shop with buttons and fabrics, earrings and ethnic ornaments, a friendly shop-cat and pre-loved wool...yes - pre-loved wool. I alternatively stroked the cat and the wools. I left with some wool!
I have mittens or a squashy warm hat in mind.... 

Still listening to the music and walking down to the centre, Himself found a lovely little tea room. It would be such a shame to not have a look in.  It would be rude just to walk by and not even pop in. It would quite unkind to ignore the glorious cakes and magnificent meringues... So did the only thing we could... we went in.....

Oh the delicious cakes, the huge vanilla slices, the ginormous chocolate truffles and the positively mammoth meringues!
 We sipped tea out of vintage bone china tea cups.
 I loved the mixture of vintage and retro, modern and aged.
 And I loved oil cloth table cloth. 
We succumbed to pots of tea, creamy hot chocolate and freshly ground deep and dark coffee. The tea room was a visual feast too - bunting and vintage wall paper vying for attention with hand crafted toys and nick-nacks, knitted delights were cheek by jowl with tapestry pictures and antique china. Some items were for sale and others were there as decoration. 
The Frumenty and Fluffin from outside

 The interior was jam packed to bursting point with so many things that I don't think I saw everything.

I want to try and knit this little chap for Youngest - he ADORES pugs!
(Any one know of a pattern??)

PS I only had the tea - the meringues were just too much for me, so Himself and Eldest's Girlfriend did their best and only a few crumbs remained.

Oh yes, we never did get to see or hear any folk music.... we lingered in this and other little shops a little too long but what a wonderful afternoon we had!


  1. Oh I am so taken with that little tea shop and its contents Hawthorn - the size of those meringues is amazing and everything just looks so NICE! I'll be looking forward to seeing what you make with your lovely yarn - you always post about such natural and 'come-and-get-me' yarns, it really takes me to the Dales and sweet lovely memories, thank you so much. You are a real treat for me!
    Warm hug, Joy xo

  2. It should be one meringue per family - they're huge! the tea shop looks wonderful, I've made a mental note to seek it out

  3. I miss tea shops. Proper tea shops.

  4. Wow, those meringues looked huge. I think I might struggle to eat one. Cafe looked lovely. Was that HImself wearing his new made-by-you through 'blood, sweat and tears' jumper? Trying to comment for the third time now on my PC as my iPad which has just had a operating system update does not want to play!

  5. Such a lovely tea room and those meringues looked really yummy!
    I can well understand why you had a great afternoon!

  6. Wow, some meringues. Love the look of the traditional cafe. No wonder youngest fancies a pug, he looks so cute - the pug, not youngest!! I see ravelry has some pug patterns,

  7. I love stumble upons! Sorry you never made the folk music festival, but it seems you all did the right thing. I think I could have taken the meringues on and won :-) They look wonderful!! Best, Vicki

  8. Anywhere called Frumenty and Fluffin has to be good!

    I'm pretty sure that Pug is knitted from a pattern in a book called 'Knit Your Own Dog' :)

  9. I'm afraid I wouldn't have been able to resist the meringue!
    I thought I'd crochet a cushion cover with the leftovers - to tie in with the recently finished ripple. Almost done - just hoping there is actually enough yarn!


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