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Another happy TA DA!

Happy Happy HAPPY!

I've actually worn my latest ta da-s for a couple of days now AND I have started a second pair (not for me but a sweet friend at work)

My version of  Purl Bee's cuffed mitts.

The second pair are more tweedy as my sweet friend loves her tweed jacket and earthy colours, she squealed her delight when I revealed the yarn I had chosen for her. 

And the view and the rocks?
My most wonderful view I have at lunch time.
I do 'knitting on the rocks'
I love it.

Now for the knitty gritty:

My mitts
Isle of Auskerry (grey) - left over stash
Rico Organic Chunky (brown) bought a couple of weekends ago here

Only coz I miss read the pattern - instead of garter stitch I knit the mitt parts in stocking stitch.
I also added a couple of rows around the fingers in the same chocolaty brown as the wristies.

HaPpINess Indicator?   Off the scale!


  1. HI Hawthorn - I love your mitts and am not surprised your friend wanted a pair too; the yarn for both pairs is gorgeous and 'knitting on the rocks' looks like such a fab thing to do that I wish I could join you!
    Have a great weekend!
    Joy x

  2. Oh I REALLY like those mitts in stockinette stitch, I'm glad you read that part wrong. I would definitely do it your way. Love love love the colors.

  3. Lovely. I am a sucker for fingerless mittens, I just need to get around to knitting myself some

  4. What wonderful rocks... I can vouch for for the loveliness of the mitts as I have a tried them on and they came off reluctantly!

  5. they're lovely kate, i like the first ones best

  6. Lovely mitts and lovely rocks. Pictures are gorgeous. You are so lucky to be able to see them every day.

  7. They're gorgeous and look very warm and comfy. I'm a new follower and am enjoying your blog. Just wanted to say hi. :)

  8. Mitts look lovely and snug. They have turned out well. What a lovely spot for your lunch break.

  9. Your mitts look good. I've just started crocheting a pair - it's that time of year!

  10. Definitely fingerless mittens are the way forward, something quick to knit and so so handy!
    Sorry about that pun!
    They look great.


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