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In which I waffle about misty things, crochet things and words x

Thank you everyone who joined in - I apologise for such a 'tardy' link up but {shrugs} with the vagaries of modern life and unreliable internet!

For the time being we seem to have been reconnected - but not sure who with! will find out when the bill lands :D, not going to miss up on the chance to say hello, thank you and waffle a little. It seems ages since I did that.

Thought I'd share yesterday's highs and lows.
The highs?
A rather misty and ethereal walk over the tops to Wycoller and back - incredibly atmospheric, incredibly wet and strangely warm.

And the lows?
My crochet blanket seemed to start so well, I was flying with it - regularly counting the stitches on each row to ensure all was well. Which it was for about 20 or so rows. Then I stopped counting, following the pattern but not the stitch count .... until the blanket was about a metre in height -  so about 58-60ish rows I realised I had lost a stitch or two...ok, better honest....I'd lost twenty (yes 20) somewhere along the line.
I rolled up my 'triangular' work and put in the basket and walked away.

Then the internet took a nose dive. The first day I scribbled and sketched like mad and borrowed the free wifi from the local library however eventually I returned to blanket.

Last night I unpicked over 30 rows - saved all the different colours and wound them up in little cute balls (had to make something positive out of it!) Any hoo, I have returned to the discipline of row/stitch counting and - guess what!? (sigh) it is straight.... lesson learnt.

The more observant will have noticed a new list,  most of the works have a couple of different meanings - so it should be fun to see how you interpret them :)

Here is a reminder - a photo inspired by a word, words inspired by the photo. One from your archives, a freshly snapped one this month - try to think outside the box, we will share and show our photos and stories at the end of the month. Until then xxx

My own choice



July's link up party

Better late than never!

You are invited to the Inlinkz link party!
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Hawthorn's not quite complete photo hunt!

Still in between internet providers so a quick pop in to add my images and stories - hopefully this silliness won't last much longer.

I have not found ALL the photos I was looking for - but hey ho!

Alongside a jumble of narrow boats at Bank Newton Locks

Pretty begonias in half cooper barrels on Settle Station Platform

E for ....
Elephant Scarecrow tucked away in Kettlewell

A 'See Britain by Train' poster in Settle Station waiting room

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Words for the end of July
Starts with an E
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Modern technology can't live with it, can't live without!

With apologies, we are mid changing from one internet supplier to another and the latter in a fit of pique has switched out internet off earlier than expected! I am at present using the data on my cellphone but have no access to my photos or links.
Normal wotsit will return asap - til then...!


She sells seashells on the seashore (I crochet you not!)

A little bit of blankie spam ... Sorry ... (not)

Just loving the pattern (well - not quite- one week's instructions are a repeat - 
and I did not like it the first time round - so went off piste, but then I often do!)
Presently doing week 9 - rows of yummy shells
and as soon as I press PUBLISH
I shall be starting week ten's instructions :)

Hope you all had a lovely weekend,
here is to a happy Monday xxx


An attack of the crochets and how to get better

I might have done a thing....
with yarn.

I asked Youngest to do a bit of tough love on me and ensure I tidied a corner of stashed yarns and wools. He was instructed to make sure I cleared it all away......
He failed.
Well not totally, I did tidy away 90% of it, may be nearer 80% but I came across a bag of blues (fav colour ever!) and two large impulse buys of grey aran. Hmmmm
 So. Like I may have mentioned earlier - I did a thing. I started a stash busting blankie.
I have looked at this blanket CAL for nearly seven months now -however due to a combination of lack of mojo, downright apathy and the thought that I had.no.stash..... well....usable stash rather than picturesque piles of pretty yarns and wool 'saved for later', not much happened. Until now.
I have cast on and already done the first week's CAL and about to log on and start the second week's instructions - got me some serious crochet to do.

Yarns: mixture of aran yarn, alpaca, acrylic, boucle and other unknown 'stuff'


The 'Art' of an evening picnic

A most joyous afternoon and evening walk.
One that felt so so good.
We drove over to a neighbouring town where I'd had
three pieces of art hanging in an exhibition for a few days.
It was a really well organised event, the folk were kind and efficient
and I was made to feel welcome.
Then, yesterday, we had to all retrieve our work at the end of the exhibition.
To my absolute amazement, and disbelief I have to admit,
I'd sold one of my paintings.
Talk about being happily surprised.
Art safely stashed in the car, we continued our evening plans.
To have an evening picnic alongside a most picturesque 
and favourite canal lock. 

It was good to share the evening,
a shame to end it,
but we made plans that we'd do it again :)

Both my laptop and camera (with a flourish and a slamming of the door), have died.
so I am learning how to get on with their replacements,
surprised myself by getting these images up
with relative ease!

speak soon  xxx


Words for July

Thank you every one who joined in with June's scavenger hunt - some lovely stories and photos - once again it amazes me how we all work off the same list and although we sometimes have the same subject matter - each story is our own.
Thank you xx

Words for July ....

Starts with an E
My Own Choice

Have fun - they can be a photo from your archives, or freshly taken this month. Just a few words with each to weave a story and if possible - think outside the box!

We'll share our stories and images From Friday 26th July - good luck!