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An attack of the crochets and how to get better

I might have done a thing....
with yarn.

I asked Youngest to do a bit of tough love on me and ensure I tidied a corner of stashed yarns and wools. He was instructed to make sure I cleared it all away......
He failed.
Well not totally, I did tidy away 90% of it, may be nearer 80% but I came across a bag of blues (fav colour ever!) and two large impulse buys of grey aran. Hmmmm
 So. Like I may have mentioned earlier - I did a thing. I started a stash busting blankie.
I have looked at this blanket CAL for nearly seven months now -however due to a combination of lack of mojo, downright apathy and the thought that I had.no.stash..... well....usable stash rather than picturesque piles of pretty yarns and wool 'saved for later', not much happened. Until now.
I have cast on and already done the first week's CAL and about to log on and start the second week's instructions - got me some serious crochet to do.

Yarns: mixture of aran yarn, alpaca, acrylic, boucle and other unknown 'stuff'


  1. I have so much yarn but never enough of anything, or the right colour for whatever I want to make.
    I wonder why I bought it all?
    Enjoy crocheting your blanket.

  2. That could just be something for me too, to use a big bag of leftovers. Thanks Kate. Take care & huggles.

    1. Oh yes, good idea, I have done the first seven rows and flown through happily, glad am not doing the actual CAL, would get frustrated waiting for the next set of instructions :D

  3. hey - that is not "only 80% tidied", it is "there is merely 20% left to sort through".

    that is also a glorious collection (stash?) of crochet hooks. Look forward to seeing this blankie grow, it already looks beautiful. �� ��

  4. Oh, love the positivity :D will be sharing progress, enjoying creating again xx

  5. That will keep you busy for a while. xxx

  6. Love the colors! Can't wait to see the progress you make...

  7. Do you recall introducing me to her website? I shared it with my Quilting Guru No 1 and she made this blanket in no time at all. As soon as I saw her blanket I made a start on mine. Luckily it is last year's CAL so all the instructions are on the web. I'm up to week 27 or 35. Am going slowly as I don't want it to end! I've been very good and checked I've 180 stitches at the end of each row. No idea if my edges are wavy but that can be resolved easily! Happy crochet time.

    1. I am rattling through it - loving (most of) it - am on week 7 and about to watch the 'Martian' so will do crochet and chill!!


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