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Modern technology can't live with it, can't live without!

With apologies, we are mid changing from one internet supplier to another and the latter in a fit of pique has switched out internet off earlier than expected! I am at present using the data on my cellphone but have no access to my photos or links.
Normal wotsit will return asap - til then...!


  1. Technology is the best! I'll keep popping back to see if you are there properly.

  2. Sorry about this. So inconvenient. Don't worry, we will wait to see everyone's blog as soon as your link is working again. xx

  3. I don't like internet issues but then I remember that relatively not that long ago we lived without it. Now a days if I am one day without internet I go crazy! :) Hope yours are solved soon.

  4. Hope you are soon up and running again.


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