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She sells seashells on the seashore (I crochet you not!)

A little bit of blankie spam ... Sorry ... (not)

Just loving the pattern (well - not quite- one week's instructions are a repeat - 
and I did not like it the first time round - so went off piste, but then I often do!)
Presently doing week 9 - rows of yummy shells
and as soon as I press PUBLISH
I shall be starting week ten's instructions :)

Hope you all had a lovely weekend,
here is to a happy Monday xxx


  1. Lovely Kate & a crochetalong is something I enjoy too. As for the weekend, it was busy here, even though DH had to make a quick trip to A&E after he super-glued 2 fingers together & couldn't get them apart. All's well with him sporting just 2 bandaids. Enjoy your week too & take care.

    1. eek! that is something I have always been scared of doing :o

    2. Hi Susan, Carol here. Sorry but I laughed when I read the superglue story. Always dreaded doing that too. xx

  2. I love this! I am loving watching it grow.

  3. Looking good! I can see where you went off piste and well done you! Are you sewing in the dreaded ends as you go along? I usually do but somehow I forgot recently!

  4. Oh, that is quite scrummy. I do like that delicate wave that you were hooking in the second photo.

    Off piste is generally a much nicer route than that travelled by the many 😎 💚 🐾

  5. Happy hooking, its looking hookylicious.

  6. Blankie looking good. Amazing how heavy it is already. Have fun. xx


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