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The 'Art' of an evening picnic

A most joyous afternoon and evening walk.
One that felt so so good.
We drove over to a neighbouring town where I'd had
three pieces of art hanging in an exhibition for a few days.
It was a really well organised event, the folk were kind and efficient
and I was made to feel welcome.
Then, yesterday, we had to all retrieve our work at the end of the exhibition.
To my absolute amazement, and disbelief I have to admit,
I'd sold one of my paintings.
Talk about being happily surprised.
Art safely stashed in the car, we continued our evening plans.
To have an evening picnic alongside a most picturesque 
and favourite canal lock. 

It was good to share the evening,
a shame to end it,
but we made plans that we'd do it again :)

Both my laptop and camera (with a flourish and a slamming of the door), have died.
so I am learning how to get on with their replacements,
surprised myself by getting these images up
with relative ease!

speak soon  xxx


  1. Congratulations on selling a painting. I sold nothing, not even a card. But as the DP said I paint as I enjoy it, not to sell it!

  2. success!
    A beautiful walk to celebrate...people don't realise how much light changes across the day

  3. Well done on selling a painting. :)
    I am using my phone camera and blogging from my phone more and more these days. I do like my camera phone. Always takes brighter photos I find. X

  4. Well done, congratulation o the sale of your at work. The pictures are beautiful.

  5. Well done on the sale! What a lovely evening stroll & picnic, a perfect end to the day. The photos are great & yes, new technology can be frustrating & a big learning curve. Take care & huggles.

  6. Well done on selling your art, I have said to my OH I want to go on a picnic before the summer is out, now the boys are grown up we forget the simple things of having time just sat next to a river.

  7. Sounds like congratulations are in order - on your sale, on mastering new technology and providing Miss Moss with the most wonderful pre-bedtime workout {grin}.
    I keep meaning to write and ask how you were getting on with your new camera, but clearly the answer is "extremely well". xx

  8. Well done on selling one of your paintings, and what a lovely way to spend an evening. I love that second shot too :)

  9. Congratulations on the sale of your artwork. It doesn't surprise me someone snapped one up, you are very talented.
    Stunning evening stroll pictures.
    Well done on getting to grips with the new tech, baffling at times isn't it?

  10. The picture of Miss Moss is fantastic; made me smile a lot. Well done on selling a picture. What a palaver about your camera and laptop dying... technology is great until it stops working!

  11. Well done with your art sale. Love your photos taken with your new camera. It looks a lovely one. Most impressed with the Lancaster pictures. xx

  12. Must be the moon or something. My computer spent 4 days in the shop and cost a bundle to retrieve! Your picnic sounds lovely. We haven't done that in a long while. Maybe its time.


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