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Words for July

Thank you every one who joined in with June's scavenger hunt - some lovely stories and photos - once again it amazes me how we all work off the same list and although we sometimes have the same subject matter - each story is our own.
Thank you xx

Words for July ....

Starts with an E
My Own Choice

Have fun - they can be a photo from your archives, or freshly taken this month. Just a few words with each to weave a story and if possible - think outside the box!

We'll share our stories and images From Friday 26th July - good luck!


  1. Thanks Kate.
    I've just said to DH i'll take a pic of inside his garage, that'll certainly be ok for the cluttered one.... rude word from him not withstanding, I think I'll have to think of something else!

  2. I'm with Julie - cluttered would be DH's study but he would not be even remotely amused if I published a photograph of it :(


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