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Lunch time walk

A quick post, coz I am really tired.

I am sure I must have worn a hole through the glass of the window where I work - I kept longingly looking at the glorious sunny day outside ... I was folding what felt like hundreds and hundreds of newsletters and found my eyes repeatedly wandered off to stare at the hills and blue sky ... come lunch time I wolfed down my food and yomped up the hill I'd been eating with my eyes.

By the time I got two thirds the way up, it was time to return. Time to take a few photos of the lane I'd just powered up and the view of the town below before returning back down - feeling a whole lot better!


  1. Excellent way to spend your lunch break. Sadly it rained here most of yesterday, so glad you got to see some blue stuff overhead.

  2. What a wonderful place to be able to walk at lunchtime. Lucky you. I can't even manage anything so gorgeous from home. I'm always grateful for some of the lovely photos you post. Thanks. Have a good weekend and take care.

  3. Yep...that ugger known as work sure gets in the way sometimes! x

  4. How about liquidising your lunch in advance and then you can spend every second of your lunch break outside (only if the weather is good!)?

  5. When I worked full time I used to take my cross stitch or knitting in with me which helped me to relax during my lunch time if the weather was hideous. If not, like you, I'd head out of the door for a few minutes.

  6. what a lovely escape for you x

  7. Glad you got to enjoy a walk...beautiful place.


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