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Cat of many guises

Hello, it is me(iow) Pepper -
 the fearless Yorkshire Wild Cat (living in Lancashire), 
I have been given free paw to tap out a note or two.

About time I say, (and according to my humans I have a lot to say... how rude!)
I will take you out with me
 show you how a real Yorkshire Wild Cat (living in Lancashire)
stalks, checking the perimeter fence along the territory
Grrrrrrr (cough) Hear me RoAr and fear me (squeek)
It all started on Saturday morning, 
with my nose a-twitching and my whiskers a-quiver
I demand my humans let me out
I am not a house cat 
(although my humans keep me incarcerated - they say it is for my own good) 
PaH! I am a fearless Yorkshire Wild Cat (living in Lancashire)
and can pull off wearing a harness with such purrrrnache!
However, my humans have to put the damn thing on me first!
I can scale trees - for I am a fearless ...
(yes yes I know you know what I am, but I have to say it often!)
My own personal human (a rather tall lanky creature)
needs playing with, so kindly I deign to do so.
He seems to like it. 
He needs to learn to purr, instead of his yelping sort of happy sound.
I climb trees to a heady height - just a quick paw's reach to the garage roof
I am destined for a loftier life
for greater
I am alert, my whiskers are radar ready and I am wild 
I am cat, fear me
Oh oooh errr,
I feel a little dizzy...
Human - a little help would be nice! (NOW!)
Phew, managed to turn round without disgracing myself (too much)
 Think I need to get off this lofty branch
down to terra firma
For I am cat
master of the savannah
the prairie
the ground (quickly)
I survey the grasslands
I smell the air
I stalk
I spy

I sit and ponder
and watch
the wild creatures of the plains
(silly creatures that cluck and crow)
I am lost in deep cat thoughts
I am cat, I have no concept of time
however this human time-y-wime-y sundialy thing 
makes a good vantage spot
 Where I can launch myself
upon unsuspecting prey
(Flies and beetles beware!!) 
I shall lie
and dream
and watch for birds
for I am cat
fear me
I need to rest,
I have done my duty
I have toured the perimeter fence
I have scaled heights
stared at chickens
pounced on flies


  1. Ha ha! I love this. We refer to ours as 'the wild beast' . Such a timid scrap of a thing when we acquired her last October. She has certainly found her feet now. I find their overinflated egos quite endearing. X

  2. It's nice to hear from you, Pepper - you are indeed fearless, and a handsome beast too. My own feline friend Clover can be quite fearless too, having recently destroyed a new catmint plant and is pretty nifty in climbing up our cherry tree. Enjoy your well-earned snooze, Pepper.
    Cathy x

  3. Morning Pepper! Thanks for taking the time out of a very busy life to pen these few words! I agree that humans can be very annoying - keep leading them up the garden path.....

  4. Hello Pepper, you are a beautiful creature and it is good to see that your humans appreciate how important you are :-}

    Hate to rain on your parade, but the Two Legs are quite correct about Incarcaration. One of your clan, a beautiful Bermese who allowed our neighbours to host his bed and bowl, lost his life last week on the road out of our village . . .

  5. Loved that you can talk to us Pepper and thanks for a little look into your day. Sleep tight. Thanks Hawthorn for letting her loose on your laptop. Take care all.

  6. Ear scratches and tummy rubs to you Pepper, you are regal and beautiful.
    My Midge will send helpful notes on tree climbing (and bird watching - especially the baby blue tits on our garage wall)

  7. There's always an adventure and a snooze to be had isn't there. Humphrey has been taking full advantage of the sunshine but he's currently in disgrace because he caught a fledgling grr

  8. You had a very good time exploring didn't you!

  9. After such a busy day Sergeant Pepper needs her beauty sleep.❤❤ XX

  10. What a beautiful, splendid cat you are! We have 4 cats who are confined to the house and balcony, because of the busy road in front of the house. George often wants to try to escape but the one time we put a lead onto him he scooted back into the house at a rate of knots! He now balances along the balcont rail and tries to eat the strawberry plants.

  11. He is a beautiful creature! I like the pattern in his fur. He is special! We got two cats that are our fur friends!

  12. Pepper is stunning! And what a beautiful garden he has to play in ;) xx

  13. looks like a well deserved snooze after all that brave adventuring x


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