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There's magic up in them there hills

There is a small hill that at this time of the year
usually turns a striking cobalt, 
a beautiful hyacinth shade of blue.
However, this year our rather cool and dreary spring
has delayed the much awaited opening of the bluebells.
However, their late arrival was our blessing -
instead we found clouds of primroses...
...and galaxies of woodland anenomes 
Interspersed with sprinklings of tiny tiny violets.
We struggled to find a spot to sit
and sip tea
amongst the flowers. 
 Coppiced hazels appeared to burst out from the ground
with veils of stems
and explosions of twigs.
Down close to the floor
a delicate perfume 
gently drifted across the meadow,
a sweet scent which would have been lost
under the headier bouquet of the bluebells.
And, punctuating the gently undulating flowers,
spikes of orchids
and stalked clusters of cowslips
added to the drama. 
It was a visual delight
an unexpected twist on what we'd come to see.

We shall return when the bluebells awake.


  1. How beautiful. A lovely way to spend time in the open air. Look forward to seeing a post about the bluebells. Take care.

  2. You will have a double treat this year, first the unexpected blooms you have already found and then the bluebells.................xx

  3. You did see some wonderful flora on your walk, hope you can admire the bluebells soon, I see you are to have some lovely sunshine this week, that should help them to bloom.

  4. What a joy to have the primroses and orchids at the same time. Bluebells are late here too but I intend to pay Rannerdale a visit on Thursday to see how they are doing.

  5. So beautiful!! It will be even more so when the bluebells appear1

  6. Indeed beautiful!! Wild flowers always fills our lives with sweetness and beauty! I started to plant a few flowers here although not a garden yet. Thank you for this lovely post!!

  7. Gorgeous photographs. The primroses are simply beautiful. X

  8. Just to let you know I've nominated you for a Liebster Award...hop over and take a look! Jackie. x

  9. Spring flowers are just so pretty, the bluebells are out down here in the south, so enjoy them when they burst into flower where you are.

  10. What a special place. Bluebells, primroses, cowslips, violets and orchids too - I would have been in heaven. Thank you for taking me with you.
    Cathy x

  11. Such a stunning landscape!Pure bliss!


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