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My day one tea at a time

The first.
I stumble downstairs to a waiting mug  that Himself has made, our favourite - Scottish tea collected on our holidays. Mumbling incoherent morning themed words that don't necessarily make any sense. .. somehow I manage to make four lunches, three breakfasts, put on makeup and brush my hair into some sort of submission then drive to work. ..

The second.
Still bordering on incoherent I arrive at work and the first thing I do is to switch the kettle on, toss a teabag in my mug then put down my bag,  coat, camera and keys. Just enough time for it to brew.  Hmmm, sipping the over-hot first mouthful kickstarts me into action.

The third.
Usually an hour later, when the next wave of staff arrive - would be churlish not to participate. ..

The next few..
Well this is where exactly how many I actually make and drink gets a little hazy however I suspect I average one an hour. .. shhhhh don't tell the tea police! Depending on my mood it will be a peppermint or green or chai tea, each has it's merits, each comforting a need.

The subsequent.
Over the lunch hours, half the staff evaporate and the rest have what has affectionately become termed as our lunchtime tipple. ..yes you guessed. .. tea, for me it will be a smokey tasting Assam.

The next.
My turn for lunch, a swapping of staff,  the click of the kettle, a swish of a spoon and the splash of milk, this time a rich red Yorkshire tea.

The return.
Lunch hour gone with a blink of an eye. The consolation mug of tea accompanies and fortifies me as I return to work.

The afternoon.
Three o'clock herelds the the arrival of steaming mugs,  our appreciative hmmmms confirm our pleasure as we sip the almost scalding liquid.  Our days are often so busy that if we don't seize the moment to drink our brew whilst still hot, we end up downing it when it is tepid...

The one for the road.
 If there is time,  I'll join in with the  evening staff for a final cup of cha... to get me home.

The one sitting down with Himself.
A calmative restorative mug where the balance is restored, I breathe, we talk,  we share stories and feel the day disappear and fade away leaving just him, the boys and me.

The final.
This last Friday evening,  fingers curled around a huge mug of steaming Scottish tea, we watched three pipistrelle bats flit noiselessly through the trees. We listened to the evening songs eminating from the bird filled trees.

We sat, holding now empty mugs and listened as the village became quiet and the sky darkened.

Do you mark your day with the click of the kettle ?
Is it punctuated by mugs of tea?
Are you a connoissuer or a tea-pig?
What is your favourite brew? (Of the tea variety of course! !)

And, as you probably have guessed by now,  as I  type this, I am accompanied by my mug of tea.


  1. Oh tea beautiful tea!
    I love Earl Grey tea my favourite.
    I only drink tea.

    Sorry it didn't start out as a rhyme, I just love tea, and the choice between a cold drink or tea, tea always even on the hottest day!

    Julie xxxxxxx

  2. A good cup of tea can work wonders. A mug of English breakfast tea is my favourite. It has to be a mug (a nice one). I never drink out of a cup if I have a choice. X

  3. Definitely a tea girl here too.
    I meet with a few friends each week and there's always a pot of tea of two or three happening.
    Earl Grey is a favourite of mine but a do like Yorkshire tea (decaff for me)

  4. I love tea however I am not a connoisseur :) . I got used to have black tea for breakfast when we lived in Zimbabwe for a few years long time ago. I enjoy Chai Tea, Chamomile or mint for afternoon or other time of the day. The problem is I always want a cookie with my tea in the afternoon. Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

  5. There is nothing quite like the restorative power of a mug of tea made exactly how you like it:-}

    The only brew that tastes 'right' to me is Waitrose Ceylon . . . which was fine when we lived 3 miles from a newly built store. Now our nearest is about 80 miles away but thankfully M. can get to a branch when he is in London.

  6. Hubby of course loves his tea and I do like mine too and am about to drink my first cup as I type this, as porridge with blueberries has been eaten and I will make my toast and tea in a sec. My favourite would be plain old English breakfast, then ginger and lemon and also peppermint. We think I may be allergic to camomile so I'm steering clear at the moment, but we definitely have a routine with our cuppas. Hope the weekend is fine and take care.

  7. TEAAAAAAAA!!!!! Your day sounds wonderful. I absolutely love my Earl Grey!!x

  8. I'm a tea person, morning, noon and night and in between.
    Whether it's hot or cold outside, my mood is low or high, it's always the right time to pop the kettle on, grab a mug and make a cup of tea.

  9. Sorry, I have to be different. I seldom drink tea, then only if I am out. I have coffee ....though my family think me odd as I have half a level teaspoon of any good instant in a mug! If I am home then my morning breakfast mug is the only one I have - water is my tipple during the day then cider vinegar and honey in the evenings. A jar of coffee lasts me aaaaaages!!

  10. Well...sat up in bed clutching...guess what...a mug of tea...and basically hop from this to that through the day with various mugs of the stuff...has to be piping hot...Luke warm is no good for me! Assam is my favourite, but I'm no snob and happily sup the cheapest sweepings if I have to! x

  11. I've just read your blog clutching a cup of my favourite 'Best of Both' tea - it's soooo good! Not a tea snob particularly as we're both ardent coffee drinkers usually but I do love tea too!! The better quality wins out with me - I hate tea where you can taste the bag rather than the tea itself!

  12. what a wonderful way to define your day. and I'm reassured to find someone who drinks as much as me. Yorkshire here to start the day, I am truly fortunate to have a hubby who brings me a mug in bed every morning. Always made in a teapot (except when I drink chai and I don't want to taint the teapot), milk in first, with endless refills throughout the day, until 9pm when I have to switch to decaff or I would never sleep....

  13. Mr FD is a confirmed tea drinker: His morning "bucket" is imported from the UK Assam tea (LEAVES only. Don't even think of offering a teabag!) He then only has Black Russian (our name for Russian Earl Grey) vought in Carrefour and made using a tea infuser spoon. I think he is a tea snob! He will drink teabag tea at our friend's house, but never with milk (as she only has sterri milk)
    Me, I'm afraid I rarely drink tea.(Shall I stop reading your blog now?!) I drink instant coffee at fairly regular intervals at home (but not too many cups as I'm at that - ahem - stage of life where I take notice of adverts for Tena!) and I enjoy a quick French espresso in a restaurant. But am disappointed if it doesn't come with a dark chocolare square to dip into it.)


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