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June Scavenger photo-challenge & #30DaysWild

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Welcome to both mine and Eldest's offerings for ... 

JUNE 2016 Scavenger Photo-hunt
We have shared a page this month :)

A photo inspired by a word, words inspired by the photos - enjoy xx

Stone  - me
I love piling pebbles up into stone stacks and leaving them for someone else to find.
My boys do the same and as they have grown older
their stone stacks have become works of art and seem taller and more precarious 
than I could ever create.

Stone - Eldest 
(Lime)Stone cliffs above Settle

View - me
At the beginning of the month we had a wonderful wild-camping weekend, 
when we awoke we sat and drank in the view as we drank our coffee.
It was rather special.

View - Eldest
My Dad and brother, walking ahead above Settle

Sky - me

The other evening,
whilst doing our regular DoG WaLK,
the skies, which had been heavy with cloud
suddenly broke open and shafts of light came through, lighting up patches of the hillside.
Perfect - just perfect!

Sky - Eldest
Walking on the Bowland Fells with a snow shower coming towards us

Trees - me

My Celtic tree sign is hawthorn - my chosen name,
and when we were out walking on my birthday weekend,
the hawthorns were so heavily in blossom it was like clouds of honey scented snow.

Tree - Eldest
'Hung over' tree on the way to Hebden Bridge

Water - me
Sitting alongside a river, Himself and I were quietly watching the water. 
As it flowed along, it made that lovely rich crunching sound while it slipped 
through the pebbles and gravel.
The river was a little higher than normal due to the recent rains,
swamping grasses making them bob and sway with the flow of the water.

Water - Eldest
Something different - the graffiti on the back of the village sport hut.

Dwelling - me
On the small Scottish island of Heston,
is a cottage, that although is empty,
can be rented from the owners for a short break.
It has a sweet little overgrown garden too.
The only way there (unless you go by boat)
is to wait until low tide and walk across the shingle ridge.
We walked across for a short visit and fell in love with the island.

Dwelling - Eldest
The old Norse mean for dwelling place is 'settle', in the distance is Settle full of dwellings. 

Garden - me
My garden is surrounded by mature trees, not all of them are ours.
This makes for a rather shady garden, for years I struggled to grow
what I wanted rather than what would survive,
it is only now in the last few years that
our garden is now a 'forest garden'
filled with shade loving plants.
On the outer edges, I have small precious areas of sunlight
where self sown sunny faces thrive.

Moss - Eldest

Nice collection of moss making a moss garden

Gate - me
We often walk along lanes that years ago would have been more actively used,
often gates quietly rust or decay hidden by the undergrowth.
I have always been fascinated by their own simple history,
wondering if they will ever be used again?

Gate - Eldest
Found some very old graffiti on this gate.

Leaf - me

Near Pendle hill is a walk with sculptures which we have done a couple of times.
The sculptures range from small hand sized gems, such as this one,
to full sized trees cut and reassembled with metal bracing to form huge alien snake-like shapes.

Leaf - Eldest
A mint leaf on my mum's birthday cake

My own choice - me
This one is a very personal one. 
I had written a post in 2014 about my youngest son growing taller 
while our dog grew older, my last sentence was ... 

Same view, same two, several years apart. Summer 2009, Winter 2010 and Autumn 2014. 
The boy is so much taller, the dog very very much older. Will I get another photo next year? Hope so.

There were no more photos... until an evening last week,
same boy (even taller)
new dog - new beginning. 

If you would like to see the previous photos of boy and dog - link

My own choice - Eldest
Moss playing in the water (eek something touched my foot)

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If I ask with my eyes

If I wag my tail and ask with my eyes...
If I sit quietly, if I watch and wait....
They might take me for a walk
They might take my favourite toy of all time (at this moment in time)
 They might let me run and run and run ...
because my legs want to fly over the fields...
they might take me to my favourite water trough
  they might let me jump in and drink until my thirst is quenched 
and then let me drink some more
because I am so thirsty - for life, for fun, for love
They might let me stop and sniff and play
then they, as we come home, might let me stop and drink
at a bowl or two left out for me (or other dogs if I wish to share)
If I stare,
if I wait,
if I ask with my eyes,
they might take me out for a walk.
I am ready.


Lazy Sunday afternoon #30DaysWild

As I type this, I can hear the rain is persistently patter down on the roof, Himself is about to light the fire and the dog is finishing her bowl of food. All gentle sounds and sights of normality. Granted it is summer and should be warm enough not to need the woodburner on...

I did have plans for this weekend but as usual life got in the way, but it was still a gentle and cathartic couple of days.

Saturday started a little earlier than usual, Moss and I were up at 5am. Now, I am most definitely not an early bird so dragging myself out of a warm and comfy bed at that time was quite a trial It was for a very good reason though.

We were meeting a dear friend who acts as a 'dog-nanny' and I wanted Moss to meet and approve of her. My friend is such a sweetie and dogs do just warm to her and I have no doubts that Moss would be in good hands, I just had to make sure Moss felt safe, I needn't have worried. They hit it off immediately and Moss and her 'new best friends in the world' (My friend walks a small but busy pack of dogs first thing .... hence the 5am start...) raced around and played for over an hour while we chatted. She also does a 9am dog walk and for any dogs that need an all-day-nanny - she takes them under her wing and takes them home - just what we need for our dear little scatty soul.

Not surprisingly I was shattered ... I may have mentioned my inability to get up early and survive ... couple that with doing the week's shopping, then gardening, still suffering the after effects of my grotty cold, then over indulging myself on all things 'Glasto' on the television and radio meant by Sunday I was a wreck!
I needed some 'wild air' to help clear my head.
Miss Moss, Eldest and I had already gone for a DoG WaLK earlier in the day, met and chatted to a number of other walkers from the village, but it had not quenched my need for proper 'air'. Again, life aspired against a decent walk out so by the afternoon I announced that I wanted to walk through flowery meadows and I WaNTeD to GO NoW!

Himself leapt up from his Sunday stupor (he was studying maps) Eldest jumped straight into his wellies (his favourite footwear at the moment ... says something about our summer weather!) Moss was ready (she was born ready) for her walk. Youngest declined - he has one last exam tomorrow and he was making sure he was ready.
We turned right at the first footpath sign after our house, down a secret stone lined lane which winds its way alongside a small duckling filled beck.
Moss was allowed to wallow once we were away from two mother mallards and their collective broods of nine and seven. She does so love water. We left the stream and turned upwards into a grassy meadow, filled with wild flowers and ... cows and calves. We did not linger long, choosing a cracking pace we exited the field as soon as sensibly we could.
Through a farm then back out into more meadows. Filled with nodding grasses, buttercup, clover, plantain, yellow rattle, cleavers, oxeye daisies, marsh marigolds, daisies, greater burnett, betony, birds foot trefoil, field scabious, self-heal, field parsley and in the lanes cow parsley - probably loads more that I missed and those I don't know.
We even spotted a 'greater-snoozing-clipped-texel-ram' among the flowers, hehehehehe!
Our walk continued upward and the breeze certainly felt chillier and the skies definitely looked a little menacing.
We walked alongside huge fields that had just been mown for hay, the smell was heavenly - a sweet mix of grasses, chamomile, clovers and other field herbs. I love that scent.
The elder trees are heavily in flower at the moment, may be I should make some elder flower cordial? At one point, a sweetly fragranced pale pink dog rose had scrambled through an elder. Sublime arrangement by nature :)
It was time to turn back home, I'd promised the boys scones once we'd returned and this made them quicken their pace. We'd not been home long when it started to rain - perfect timing. Now, scones baked and eaten and the rain looks to have set in, I am glad we managed to get out and get some 'wild air'.

Hope you had a lovely weekend,
and hope you have a good and positive week  ≧◠◡◠≦



Hot rubber and oil - ooh er missus!

Last weekend the village rumbled to the sound of 25 vintage tractors trundling around the lanes.
The air was heady with the smell of engine oil, grease and exhaust fumes 
and the boys were delighted!
It was great meeting up with folk we'd not seen for a while.
So thought I'd share some of the 'muscle motors' and the quirky moments with you, 
(did you notice the little co-driver?)
I love the detailing - especially the little tractors on the lens,
don't think such decorative touches appear on modern vehicles.

Hope you have a lovely weekend,  if Moss has anything to do with our weekend plans, it will include a walk or two!


Celebrating Summer #30DaysWild

Just a quick reminder (thanks Susan!) for June's Scavenger hunt - how are you all doing? We (Eldest and I) are almost there,  missing one or two but still enjoying the hunt!

A photograph inspired by a word, words inspired by the photos - June's Scavenger photo-hunt list - enjoy!

  1. Stone
  2. View
  3. Sky
  4. Trees
  5. Water
  6. Dwelling
  7. Garden
  8. Gate
  9. Leaf
  10. My own choice

Remember to think laterally, interpret as YOU fancy, be it a current photo or a favourite one from your past. We'll reconvene and post our words and photos from Thursday 30th June -  have fun!

This evening, Eldest and I wandered through knee high meadow grasses and flowers. We talked about the fact that we have had some sublime weather. A little while ago we revelled in glorious hot days for a number of weeks. It amused me that, as someone who grew up in the tropics - I was not phased by sticky humid days while my colleagues and friends wilted and melted like chocolate!
This evening was warm with a light breeze, it felt luxurious. The sunlight was still warm on our faces and we sat on a log and watched Miss Moss play.
She knows how to smile. Her happy face and waggy tail make us love her the more.
Then having run up and down and played until her tongue hung down almost to her knees! 
She flopped down in the grass and grinned at the sky.
Happy dog?  What do you think? I think so :)

Then, after we'd sat and chatted and watched a scatty dog filling her happy little self with space and light and play, we walked down into a neighbouring village that has, at it's centre, the village's original water supply where now walkers and their dogs go for a refreshing stop.

Moss threw herself in and played some more.
The last part of our walk took us alongside a wall encrusted by honeysuckle - it smelt divine.
The colours glowed in the low light and the bees were certainly making the most of the abundance.
This evening's DoG WaLK reaffirmed my firm belief that 
you have to make the most of what you have - 
Right Here and Right Now, 
no point muttering dark things about imperfect weather,
 it would be far better to get out and enjoy what is 'the now'. 
It makes me feel happier, 
feel a better person 
and I love the feeling of being surrounded 
and washed over by all that natural beauty and enjoying as it happens :)

I hope you too find pleasure with your own local 'great outdoors' xxxx