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June Scavenger photo-challenge & #30DaysWild

Thank you for joining us in with this month's Scavenger Photo Hunt -

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then I will link everyone taking part!

Welcome to both mine and Eldest's offerings for ... 

JUNE 2016 Scavenger Photo-hunt
We have shared a page this month :)

A photo inspired by a word, words inspired by the photos - enjoy xx

Stone  - me
I love piling pebbles up into stone stacks and leaving them for someone else to find.
My boys do the same and as they have grown older
their stone stacks have become works of art and seem taller and more precarious 
than I could ever create.

Stone - Eldest 
(Lime)Stone cliffs above Settle

View - me
At the beginning of the month we had a wonderful wild-camping weekend, 
when we awoke we sat and drank in the view as we drank our coffee.
It was rather special.

View - Eldest
My Dad and brother, walking ahead above Settle

Sky - me

The other evening,
whilst doing our regular DoG WaLK,
the skies, which had been heavy with cloud
suddenly broke open and shafts of light came through, lighting up patches of the hillside.
Perfect - just perfect!

Sky - Eldest
Walking on the Bowland Fells with a snow shower coming towards us

Trees - me

My Celtic tree sign is hawthorn - my chosen name,
and when we were out walking on my birthday weekend,
the hawthorns were so heavily in blossom it was like clouds of honey scented snow.

Tree - Eldest
'Hung over' tree on the way to Hebden Bridge

Water - me
Sitting alongside a river, Himself and I were quietly watching the water. 
As it flowed along, it made that lovely rich crunching sound while it slipped 
through the pebbles and gravel.
The river was a little higher than normal due to the recent rains,
swamping grasses making them bob and sway with the flow of the water.

Water - Eldest
Something different - the graffiti on the back of the village sport hut.

Dwelling - me
On the small Scottish island of Heston,
is a cottage, that although is empty,
can be rented from the owners for a short break.
It has a sweet little overgrown garden too.
The only way there (unless you go by boat)
is to wait until low tide and walk across the shingle ridge.
We walked across for a short visit and fell in love with the island.

Dwelling - Eldest
The old Norse mean for dwelling place is 'settle', in the distance is Settle full of dwellings. 

Garden - me
My garden is surrounded by mature trees, not all of them are ours.
This makes for a rather shady garden, for years I struggled to grow
what I wanted rather than what would survive,
it is only now in the last few years that
our garden is now a 'forest garden'
filled with shade loving plants.
On the outer edges, I have small precious areas of sunlight
where self sown sunny faces thrive.

Moss - Eldest

Nice collection of moss making a moss garden

Gate - me
We often walk along lanes that years ago would have been more actively used,
often gates quietly rust or decay hidden by the undergrowth.
I have always been fascinated by their own simple history,
wondering if they will ever be used again?

Gate - Eldest
Found some very old graffiti on this gate.

Leaf - me

Near Pendle hill is a walk with sculptures which we have done a couple of times.
The sculptures range from small hand sized gems, such as this one,
to full sized trees cut and reassembled with metal bracing to form huge alien snake-like shapes.

Leaf - Eldest
A mint leaf on my mum's birthday cake

My own choice - me
This one is a very personal one. 
I had written a post in 2014 about my youngest son growing taller 
while our dog grew older, my last sentence was ... 

Same view, same two, several years apart. Summer 2009, Winter 2010 and Autumn 2014. 
The boy is so much taller, the dog very very much older. Will I get another photo next year? Hope so.

There were no more photos... until an evening last week,
same boy (even taller)
new dog - new beginning. 

If you would like to see the previous photos of boy and dog - link

My own choice - Eldest
Moss playing in the water (eek something touched my foot)

Thank you for joining us in with this month's Scavenger Photo Hunt -

Don't forget to leave a comment if you have joined in 
then I will link to everyone who has!

now I am off to see what you lovely lot have done!


  1. I really like both of your water photos - two very different interpretations.

    My post can be seen here - http://in-my-playroom.blogspot.co.uk/2016/06/june-scavenger-hunt.html

  2. Lovely photos, Love your eldest's water, and I love those stones, well balanced

    Julie xxxxxx

  3. Loved all your photos all so different which is what I so love about this challenge.

    I have joined in again here ;) am hoping you are going to have a list for July too and that you might be able to publish it before the end of Sunday so that I can take it on holiday with me, I will offline ;)

  4. A lovely collection of photos and really enjoyed reading your post.

  5. Love your photos you two. Best Hawthorn one was the stones and best Eldest was the moss; glad he selected moss as the other day we were out for a drive and I noticed some stone walls encrusted with moss (not possible to take a photo) so Eldest's one will do for now!

  6. Love both your posts. The views and water pictures are brilliant. But I especially like your tribute to Mrs Clegg (aka Giddy Dog) and the new beginnings with Miss Moss. ❤❤ xx
    PS I did check the original Boy and Dog pictures too. Worth another look.

  7. Gorgeous pictures, congratulations to you both.

    My favourites are the two final images - yours because the words bring a lump to my throat - the heartache known by all who have been loved by a dog, and Eldest's because it is one of those images you will look back on in years to come and smile at the unfettered pleasure and joy which Moss is exhibiting!

  8. I'm running a tad late, as I sat on the phone last night for well over an hour talking to a very special friend, so I'll be posting this morning. I too like all the photos and the special ones are definitely some of the exquisite views over the countryside. The lone Scottish island is something.
    I'm with Jayne on you're depiction of eldest & Moss with said storyline. Losing pets is so 'hard', and I've not had one since my 18 year old cat went in 2004. I've a similar photo of a stone pile I built with my granddaughter last Xmas, but I'm not showing that one (giggle). My post should be done once you all wake up on Friday morning. Take care.

  9. You both did an amazing job, all the photos were breath takining in their own way.

  10. I have so very much enjoyed looking at your photographs this month. My favourite has to be your 'view'. I would love to have joined in but my lap top died on me earlier this week (replaced just this afternoon). I will try and find time over the weekend. X

  11. your photos are lovely. I've just joined in x

  12. Stopping in to say Hello! Love all the photos! I would love to visit the little Scottish island...you have the best walking adventures. Boy and dog photos are so touching. Hope you and yours are very well!! Here it is very hot and my boy is about to marry. Ahhh life and its changes. Best, Vicki

  13. Hello, these are very lovely photos, thank you so much for sharing them and for including us all in the scavenger hunt adventure. I'm having a lot of fun!
    My favourites are your stunning wild camp view and Eldest's moss and gate graffiti - he has a really good eye for interesting detail. Here's to July's adventures!

  14. I love your photos - your garden is divine and I love that you've chosen a Celtic tree name (I'll have to go searching lol). Your water photo is superb and I love eldest's photo of Moss, both the dog and the moss :) I 'm a new follower and had planned to join in at the end of June but left it too late - maybe next month - but it's lovely to come and visit.


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